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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 2, 2007

The song that makes me call you Jen.

 Not hitting on you, but the only adult “jenny” is like this.

You’s a good girl.  EFF it

See what I mean?  Look at the bass player, had a girlfriend named “jennifer” no crap, who used to sleep with the base player.  He bored her.

I didn’t, I just left, get that?  thats right, I can F@#k groupies into monogamy.  And she wasn’t alone.


3 Responses to “Jenny,”

  1. I rock!

  2. before any questions, NO!!! it wasn’t about my Jen, it was about an ex fiance’ of the guitar player I understand. Of course I got that from My Jen, who is also. . . .remember the storys about my “stripper” girlfriend? Yeah, thats that jenny, and she knew the bass player when she lived in a border town of missippi, and dated a musician while her parents were off working in the Middle east as engineers for various oil company’s (no shit) and she spent her time dating musicians (I actually think the base player is a northernerish person like me) while she got a nursing degree, and then ran away to follow her sister, who was a Marine.

    Anyone who follows my random drunken comments, JEN is the sister of the SSgt who constantly messed with me, almost so that I and her sister would get together.

    For instance, some of you know what I mean by “3p” I said all 7 syllables in front of her sister, and her sister (one of my bosses) said “must be a family trait!”

    I love Jen, but I love T more.

  3. You know what? I think the scrawny douche with the blackout glasses, is the bass player.

    I’m almost offended!!!

    Still, My girl wanted me more than him!!!

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