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Sunday Morning Cartoon.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 3, 2007

Yes, I remember this cartoon,

Don’t you judge me!!!  It was on right before M.A.S.K, or was it right after, I don’t know, but I HAD to watch it.

Really, this was the worst that I can recall right now.  “jem and synergy?”  Effing PLEASE!!!!

As a cartoon it wasn’t horrible, though pretty close, but I’m all growed up now, so I can’t help but think that Jem on her way to her base, stopped off at her dealer, visited a night club or two, and then got arrested while using her jem like powers (bitching and moaning) so that she can minimize her jail sentence so that the IDIOTIC! police force could understand that as a drugged up drunk coke whore with a sex tape, she is actually saving the planet.

 This particular offering is a bad one.

Imagine PARIS as Jem?  criminy, it would take 5 or 25 episodes before jem could even contact synergy!!!!

4 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cartoon.”

  1. John said

    You used to watch this, eh? I’m not judging but I do find this to be mighty curious… Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

  2. I didn’t have cable john, it was either that, or half an hour of self help daytime phil donahue or some other crap that I would sooner set my pubic hair(if I had any at the time) on fire than watch.

  3. forged rite said

    I’m not in a position to judge since i watched championship juggling last night on espn2. I’m not kidding. Championship juggling. And it wasn’t even this year’s championship, it was from 2005.

  4. eddiebear said

    This makes me long for Optimus Prime

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