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Not Colbert

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 4, 2007

But whoever is responsible for this sort of scheduling is responsible for the level of disrespect tossed out with a level of insoucience only a liberal comedian, or a malicous event scheduler could achieve.

Colbert does what colbert does, it’s his job to be a self absorbed ass, and to offer offense in a humorous way (and I do think that the quotes are humorous in the way in which they mock o’reilly’s neverending references to his own pet project in “culture warrior” which is “The Secular Progressives.”) he’s a comedian, not a respected author.  Whoever was responsible for that scheduling should be named and interogated by literary critics.

It’s like having Pat Buchanan MC’ing a reading and Q&A of the diary of ann frank (yes I think pat is a racist anti-semite prick(second main page “curse”) which is just plain retarded.

I’m gonna dig around and see if I can find a more complete transcript (probably fail) or maybe video at c-span if it was broadcast on booktv.

I mean. . .really, next you know, I will get a job as a primary speaker at some cultural conferance at a womens only university.

Update:  I knew there was play, but I was expecting some more substantial aggression.  The video is actually very playful, still, I would never use a man like colbert to discuss such a severe work.   I was wrong, by being inspired to irritation and something bordering on anger by NB, who should also apologize.  And apparently the “stupid people” categorization” applies to me, for being so easily riled up.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 4, 2007


Funny as hell, but just plain wrong.

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Governmental Compassion

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 4, 2007

Found this at Proffessor Bainbridges place.

Smokers will, in essence, be “exposed” I believe is the euphemism for “being left to die absent any care or concern,” if this is true and it goes through.

Thats just insanity.  It is eugenics, it is evil.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 4, 2007

A follow up to this link I mentioned earlier.  This time via Insty, pointing to a post at redstate, that points out a more thorough sequence of photos, and then an attempt at lefty cowards trying to fisk the images.

The servicemember doesn’t look less heroic, doesn’t look less genuine, but rather, epitomizes exactly why I am absolutely 100% confident and aware that they are the best of us.  Not only is the boy shown hiding behind a US Servicemember, but rather he runs 90degrees of everyone else to find a source of safety and security, and the best example, is a US Servicemember.

Clearly those individuals in uniform aren’t just the best of us, but also, generaly the best of them.

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