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Stem Cells

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 6, 2007

ABC has an interesting article.

Harvesting stemcells without destroying the embryo.  They haven’t tried it with humans yet, but it proves that it’s possible.  I just wonder if this research would have been conducted on enough of a level if it wasn’t for those pesky god mythologists making the destruction of a human, or potential human life “controversial.”

If this pans out, we have one less meaningless us and them issue that the left can froth at the mouth over.

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A fun commercial

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 6, 2007

Saw this last night, thought it was funny.

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Everyone else is talking about the “debates.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 6, 2007

I will only offer this.

 These are NOT debates, these are group interviews.  They almost always have been, since I was a kid.  I was on the debate team when I was in highschool (yes I was a dork, but I also went state as a freestyle wrestler, bring IT!!  BRING IT!!!)

 I recognize the “technique” that the “debaters” (I suck at spelling, suck it) are using, they are trying to redefine the question itself, and the “moderators” whose job it is to well, make sure that the question itself is the point of the answer, and no “moderators” (I said I suck and spelling! DAMNIT!!)  wouldn’t be allowed to be even TEST moderaters for highschool debates.

This is just one long winded and boring and meaningless interview by the moderator to satisfy the idea that candidates actually answer questions, which they don’t.

 Huckabee’s retarded “ronald reagan” and “end of cold war” and “but the taliban disagree” answer is, well, retarded, it’s realy the most inaffective statement I have ever heard from a politician, and I think that politicians are fundamentaly stupid, Huckabee, completely redefined it tonight.

 Other than that?  these 9, 11 way “debates” aren’t debates, they are a waste of time.  Fred! should wait until there is AT MOST!!! 3, and every member who sticks in is selfish, and every media group that allows a debate of more than 5, is a disgrace, including Fox.

I once won a debate with a very simple mechanical question, that was never answered, even though I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I at least knew more than my opponent, and clearly the “judge” didn’t know a damn thing.

This multiform platform this early is a joke!!!

Better for 9 or 11 individual interviews, at a half hour a piece, than the waste of time that is these broad sprectrum “debates” where the participants aren’t actually allowed to “debate” they can just answer some assholes (third main page curse) “journalist”icly curious question.

 These are not debates.  Ignore them, and give them no value.

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