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A fun commercial

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 6, 2007

Saw this last night, thought it was funny.


16 Responses to “A fun commercial”

  1. John Galt said

    First – nyah nyah!

  2. With mesa on a break, being first for one of my lame posts isn’t as much of an accomplishment. That you think so makes me feel very good though.

  3. mesablue said

    I’m on a break?

    I thought I was just distracted.

    New girl.

  4. It’s been 3 days, and I’ve been scared, cold and alone.

  5. Also I thought you might be touring the guy on the top left could be you, only skinnier, and a touch less gay. 🙂

  6. I saw that card last week while shopping at our new Wal-mart.

  7. John said

    Funny! Oh and Mesa, take the boy out and find him a girl or something. He’s been so lonely that he’s sniffing around my blog and has me concerned…

  8. pattyann said

    I should have known better. I thought Mesa was working. Next time, give us a notice that the charm machine is being jump-started.

  9. When I saw the commercial, I thought of jon scalzi.

    He’s always posting silly family pic’s and stories with him his wife and daughter doing goofy stuff, and he kinda looks like the guy in the commercial.

  10. John Galt said

    Ten comments in 24 hours ain’t all that bad. Mine doesn’t get ten comments a month.

  11. Half of them are the guys “running” the place.

  12. Clive said

    new baby girl puppy?

  13. John said

    And a quarter are from Wicked’s groupies.

  14. Are you on that list John?

  15. […] found this posted at Absolute Moral Authority by Wickedpinto. Hucking […]

  16. Montego said

    lol… I hadn’t seen this yet… Hilarious… Reminded me of my break dancin’ days… = )

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