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One Hitter

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 7, 2007

That has absolutely GOT to suck!  Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, and it’s a shot between second and first, losing the no hitter.  I blame ESPN for mentioning it so much, and pre-empting PTI.




Update: His june 2nd post, shows why I think this guy rocks.

Let’s see, I sucked, we still won. That about cover it?

That takes some nuts, specially for a first round hall of famer.

But it doesn’t end there.

Seriously, I did suck

Now he is probably the only guarantee’d first balloter on his team right now, but he says that?  Thats a Man who knows.  But it’s not over.

He’s swinging the bat as well as I have ever seen him.

He’s talking about Posada, the opponent, he isn’t saying HE screwed up, he’s praising his opponent, THATS nobility.

OH! WAIT!!!!  IT continues.

I was fortunate enough to start the fifth with a clean slate whereas Mike had to com e back out to 2nd and third no outs. We get two out of it and are now up 3-1.

I will leave it there, read his blog.

I bet tomorrows posting will be the best yet.

A good man, even though I hate the whole “SAWKS” “YANKEETHS” thing, I chi, but Curt is a good man, and is honest.

3 Responses to “One Hitter”

  1. firedannyainge said

    I agree 100% ESPN loves to jinx these. I hate ESPN


  2. eddiebear said

    Even as a Cards Fan (2004, anyone?), I tip my hat to Schilling. He may be “Red Light Curt” (for his craving of the camera), but he can’t be all bad. Hell, I think he’s Republican (back when that meant something).

  3. sunsurfer18 said

    http://www.sunsurfer18.wordpress.com you never know whats there

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