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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 8, 2007

He don’t rate a proper noun capitalization.

MM is a racist supporting racial profiling, because geraldo has hispanic american children who will be pulled over.  WTF do yoy think will happen to michelles kids.  NEWSFLASH, michelle is brown, and from what I see more brown than geraldo. * more brown, but hotter, so that makes her an open target.

You think MM’s kids will be pulled over less than geraldo’s?

Michelle, the child of immigrants, is anti-immigrants, and hates families.

geraldo’s retarded.

This guy is so used to playing up his latin lover history at studio 54 that he doesn’t realize that MM isn’t just a minority, but a first generation child of immingrants/or immigrant, I forget.

Just cuz she’s hot she don’t rate the veritas of the harry reamesish value of geraldo?

FUCKING PLEASE!!!!!  (third, and most significant main page curse.)

*edit: I included some snark.

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I can’t stop…

Posted by mesablue on June 8, 2007

Had to do one more.

Ripped from Ace’s site (hope he doesn’t mind):

If Uncontrolled Illegal Immigration Is A National Security Threat, Can We Now Do Sum-m Sum-m `bout It, Pleaze? —Ace

Steppin’ tha debate over tha amnesty B-to-tha-izzill, tha pro-amnesty champions often echoed tha complaints of conservatizzles yeah yeah baby. Illegal immigration witout controls results in us not know’n who’s here in America (they’re in tha shadows!) Uncontrolled immigration diverts preshizzous law enforcement resources fizzy track’n “terrorists n gangsta ta hound’n Motherfucka Etc.

W-to-tha-izzell — it seems we all in agreement `bout T-H-to-tha-izzat! Tizzle being tha case, will tha Administrizzles n open-borda forces now unite ta begin mobbin’ current immigration laws, finally gett’n tizzle employment verificizzles system up n doggy stylin’ punish’n wanna be gangsta who hire illegals, finally saggin’ tha vizzle computa system so thiznat we can track who’s here illegally n who’s overstay’n they visas, n — dare ta dream — putt’n additional borda agents n a fence ta hizzle lighten tha hatin’ load on tha borda?

Or was all tizzy national security rap just a lot of crizzay ta sizzay tha amnesty?

Bizzush, McCain, Chertoff, Graham n even T-E-Double-Dizzy Kennedy have made representizzles ta us `bout tha national security threat uncontrolled immigration poses. Hav’n made tha case, they is duty-bound now ta actually address it. Tizzle cannot claim one week T-H-to-tha-izzat uncontrolled immigration jeopizzles this country’s security n tha N-to-tha-izzext wizzle takes tha position thiznat America can only address this issue so long as agri-bizzles n tha open-borda lobby is doggy stylin’ paid off wit hustla programs n amnesty fo` 15+ million cuz I’m fresh out the pen. Eitha it’s a threat, or it’s not — n if it is, it has ta be addressed, gangsta or not special interests is gett’n paid off in tha deal.

This isn’t politically impossible . Keep the party crackin while I’m steady rappin’. Byron Dorgan, as liberal a Democrat as one could wish, expressed a desire fo` enforcizzles as tha solution — at least a first-step solution — ta tha problem. Liberals like him is animated by pro-union, pro-wage-inflizzles sentiments, but so whiznat? They’re more reliable votes fo` enforcizzles than M-to-tha-izzost Republizzles with my forty-fo’ mag. Dorgan seems ta want ta control tha borda just ta control tha borda (and thus reduce tha unend’n influx of cheap labor), whizzich puts hizzle oddly enough, on tha non-WSJ conservatizzles soverizzle side of tha table. There is enough Democrats like him ta wanna be gangsta a majorizzles or even sixty votes, fo` enforcizzle measures, when combined wit a unified or near-unified B-L-to-tha-izzock of Republizzle vota. (Okay, we’ll lose Crazy Ass Nigga Hagel, McCain, n Graham — tha usual assholes.)

Various improvements fo` borda security eitha garnered majority support in tha Senate or — this is tha rappa category — would have garnered majority support had tha amnesty bloc not bizzy so determined ta beat dizzown any amendment ta tha bizzle. Even common-sense why-aren’t-they-do’n-that-now? provisions — like Coburn’s proposal we actually enforce tha law as written — wizzy beaten bizzy by tha amnesty-bill block, but almost certainly would pass if offered as stand-alone provisions thats off tha hook yo.

How delishizzous wizzy tha campaign commercials be if Congressmen continue vot’n againstactually enforc’n tha law as written? Few Congressmen, n nigga statewide-elected Senators, have siznuch job security tizzle they can afford ta do so. So let’s takes Senator Lott’s advice n stiznart vot’n, stizzay legislat’n.

Are we men n bitchez, Mr. Lott, or merely mice?

B-to-tha-izzush, McCain, Graham, n Kennedy — n Kyl, n Lugar, n Lott, n all tha rizzay — have told us repeatedly that Ballin’ noth’n” is “not an option.”

Good n shit. It seems we have a consensus. Doing nuttin’ is not an option. So let’s do sum-m sum-m — first, improve security beyond laughably-inadequate status.

Then we can actually begin hav’n a discussion `bout amnesty n guest bitch.

B-to-tha-izzush. Yes.

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The NEW trend tizzy nizzy is only 2 years plus old.

Posted by mesablue on June 8, 2007

Check this out:

The yahoo news mainpage includes “KRUMP” as though it is Nizzle in fact, it has bizzy around, fo` mizzy tizzle 2 years, almost 3 years, n supposedly is dated back ta 1993 as is depicted in “RIZE” a documentary of a non-gang empowerment fiznorm of action witin a smiznall communizzle

I think it’s a very good story, coz tha miznost artistic n expressive peoples, in whole tend ta be taken from tha M-to-tha-izzost destitute situations, n tha “Krump Clown” situation as depicted in “Rize” looks very inspir’n. It twists tha game, n it turns tha pusha n it allows expression . Hollaz to the East Side.

Shot Calla Yahoo’s mainpage game act’n as though this is nizzy pisses me off. It makes me thiznink T-H-to-tha-izzat mizzy prosperous thugz is completely n totaly ignorante of sum-m sum-m thizzay has been around fo` more thizzay 2 years, n supposedly is as old as 15 years in basic practice . Keep’n it gangsta dogg.

If you can follow tha link, n find it gang bangin’ I suggest you find yo way ta bustin’ or download’n “rize” n W-to-tha-izzatch it.

It’s like how in chicago find’n out tizzle one of tha many bozo’s we had was in fact BLACK, increazed tha joyous boys n bitchez who wizzy ta win tha grand prize game, n then be “good boys n girls” ta develop an honest resume’ of humanity.

Yahoo is retarded.

Rize was fantastic bizzack then. Once again, I suggest tizzy all those who think thiznat bliznack culture only has one outlet, watch “rize.” It’s a good story, n a stunn’n expression of dance motha fucka.

Heh, that’s what you get when you put one of WP’s posts through the Gizoogle jive translator. I know, I know, how can you tell the difference? The original post is only a couple of spots down the page and WP’s izzle’s usually are a little different.

Go try it, it’s fun.

Found via Beth at MVRWC. She also had some stuff about cats, but who cares?

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New Olympic event

Posted by mesablue on June 8, 2007

Wiserbud is a genius — kinda sad how it comes out. But, genius still.


And yeah — I’m back.

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The NEW trend that is only 2 years plus old.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 8, 2007

The yahoo news mainpage includes “KRUMP” as though it is NEW, in fact, it has been around, for more than 2 years, almost 3 years, and supposedly is dated back to 1993 as is depicted in “RIZE” a documentary of a non-gang empowerment form of action within a small community. 

 I think it’s a very good story, because the most artistic and expressive peoples, in whole tend to be taken from the most destitute situations, and the “Krump Clown” situation as depicted in “Rize” looks very inspiring.  It twists the game, and it turns the corner, and it allows expression.

  However, Yahoo’s mainpage game acting as though this is new, pisses me off.   It makes me think that more prosperous people are completely and totaly ignorante of something that has been around for more than 2 years, and supposedly is as old as 15 years in basic practice.

If you can follow the link, and find it interesting?  I suggest you find your way to renting, or downloading “rize” and watch it.

It’s like how in chicago finding out that one of the many bozo’s we had was in fact BLACK, increased the joyous boys and girls who want to win the grand prize game, and then be “good boys and girls” to develop an honest resume’ of humanity.

Yahoo is retarded.

Rize was fantastic back then.  Once again, I suggest that all those who think that black culture only has one outlet, watch “rize.”  It’s a good story, and a stunning expression of dance.

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