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The NEW trend tizzy nizzy is only 2 years plus old.

Posted by mesablue on June 8, 2007

Check this out:

The yahoo news mainpage includes “KRUMP” as though it is Nizzle in fact, it has bizzy around, fo` mizzy tizzle 2 years, almost 3 years, n supposedly is dated back ta 1993 as is depicted in “RIZE” a documentary of a non-gang empowerment fiznorm of action witin a smiznall communizzle

I think it’s a very good story, coz tha miznost artistic n expressive peoples, in whole tend ta be taken from tha M-to-tha-izzost destitute situations, n tha “Krump Clown” situation as depicted in “Rize” looks very inspir’n. It twists tha game, n it turns tha pusha n it allows expression . Hollaz to the East Side.

Shot Calla Yahoo’s mainpage game act’n as though this is nizzy pisses me off. It makes me thiznink T-H-to-tha-izzat mizzy prosperous thugz is completely n totaly ignorante of sum-m sum-m thizzay has been around fo` more thizzay 2 years, n supposedly is as old as 15 years in basic practice . Keep’n it gangsta dogg.

If you can follow tha link, n find it gang bangin’ I suggest you find yo way ta bustin’ or download’n “rize” n W-to-tha-izzatch it.

It’s like how in chicago find’n out tizzle one of tha many bozo’s we had was in fact BLACK, increazed tha joyous boys n bitchez who wizzy ta win tha grand prize game, n then be “good boys n girls” ta develop an honest resume’ of humanity.

Yahoo is retarded.

Rize was fantastic bizzack then. Once again, I suggest tizzy all those who think thiznat bliznack culture only has one outlet, watch “rize.” It’s a good story, n a stunn’n expression of dance motha fucka.

Heh, that’s what you get when you put one of WP’s posts through the Gizoogle jive translator. I know, I know, how can you tell the difference? The original post is only a couple of spots down the page and WP’s izzle’s usually are a little different.

Go try it, it’s fun.

Found via Beth at MVRWC. She also had some stuff about cats, but who cares?


One Response to “The NEW trend tizzy nizzy is only 2 years plus old.”

  1. Oh, thats what happened.

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