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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 10, 2007

This isn’t one of the childhood favorites, this is something I came across.

I speak a very weak form of japanese, and I lived there for a year, I generaly, lived with my girlfriend who was japanese, and I wanted to extend my stay there so I recognize the language a bit, I also recognize the janan-o-english that isn’t at all uncommon in japanese animation or common television.  This first version sounds foreign, and still sounds like it misses the joke.

I found this video which looks like an honest to goodness translation of the south park anime’ episode (I can’t recall the name of the episode offhand) into japanese.  It makes me wonder if the Japanese will get the joke.

I personaly thought the english language version was hillarious, but, this is even more funny, cuz I can just imagine the japanese ameriphiles in japan thinking “HAI!!!   Beikoku sugoi!!!”  or some crap like that.

Now compare it with the “janglish” version offered in the US.  some of it is subtle, but it’s significant.

I couldn’t find a good chinpo-ko-mon link (and those with even the most urbane janglishers should get that joke before it’s linked)

Anyways here is the american vid.

“Hey Hey lets go, Kick ahsuu, wanatakhiro (nonsense) protect my balls”

Thats funny.

 Okay! Okay, for you absolutists, I know you are out there, (well I am, and that counts) I offer

“The Visionairies”  without a doubt the most pourly thought out cartoon, I think it was an action figure first.  you wet your finger and touch the “banner” or whatever it’s called.

The cartoon focus’ on the french like surrender monkey foundation of foreign policy becuase, hey, the writers prolly pissed away 9 plus years learning french as well as being “writers’ so they had to work surrender as a foreign policy into their scripts.

Still , action figures?  Kinda cool at the time, just like how “man-E-faces” was cool from the he-man series, mechanics and science are “cool” as long as they focus on the lamest portion of American society.

Visionaries link

Kinda dicked up that the Friggen visionaries are blocked for embedd.

Update: The last video doesn’t allow embedding, but if you click the image, you can watch it through youtube.

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