Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on June 11, 2007

But not really, it insults black REPUBLICANS, cuz they are clearly mentally deficient, stupid, and unqualified.  If only there were some way to make sure that blacks who vote Republican can be screened out of the process to guarantee that only correct thinking coloreds can vote.  That would fix it all.

Yeah, it’s hotair and allah again.


5 Responses to “Disgraceful”

  1. JannyMae said

    I didn’t watch it all…but what I saw I didn’t find funny.

    Got to have some basic truth in it to be funny.

  2. I did watch it all janny. I thought it was offensive from action to cut. My second paragraph was meant to reference the voting laws in the south during the civil rights “era.”

  3. pattyann said

    You’re missing the whole point, though, WP. Are they “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking”?

  4. mozdacious said

    HA! We’re only “celebrating” 40 years of emancipation this year (May 1967), where blacks were finally considered members of the Australian community. Aussie Aborigines lied about their selves to enlist for both world wars, my own mother was 17 when they announced she was an Aussie citizen .. it’s really hard for me to fathom today. We have recently had very touching services all over the country for Aboriginal men and women that served, the crowd is getting bigger each year.

    It’s a good thing we can walk and chew gum at the same time, plenty jobs to be had eh. Get some real good notice then. D’uuuh!!

    Anyway, I tried laughing.. but that video sucked. I’m not easily offended and see the fact that it was a piss take, but what a lame effort.

  5. There you go,
    mOZ has Absolute Moral Authority. Create it, learn it, love it wack job lefty’s.

    Even us wackjob righty’s have AMA.

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