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Andrew Sullivan should research this.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 13, 2007

Afghanistan gay’s get to get off scott free, assuming his name is scott, which isn’t likely.

Fascinating, apparently Islam does have a number of penis issues.

Another sign of laziness?  we have to link Via insty


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You can tell when we are lazy,

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 13, 2007

Cuz we always come back to allah, and hotair.


Anyways, I notice this, and I only bring it up cuz I’m not comenting on the video, but rather the comments about the video.

“But going after the fair Elisabeth? If he wasn’t so solidly right on Trutherism, he’d be dead to me”

Is this a sign that Allahpundit is no longer stalking KP but rather the married and pregnant elizabeth?

Thats almost too beta to even be beta, thats almost gamma male.  Allah, dude!  Nuts up, right now you are only getting a “C” in political celebrity stalkerism.   I’m still focused on MKH, and while I keep failing the class, I intend to one day pass, and when it happens it will do great things for my GPA.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 13, 2007

As though any of you read this place, but don’t read Hotair (I think I would call that person my ex australian girlfriend, who I’m still friends with, and who disagree’s with me greatly when it comes to politics)

I actually watched the Fred! and Jay Leno interview, and while I did listen to him handle the questions well, and maintain his demeanor in a way without being fed clearly insincere lines by the host as hillary had in 2K, that didn’t capture me.

What I noticed, is that Fred! never left the 3/4 left pose while talking to jay, and I wondered why that . . . .not stiff, but rather constant position.  Then I noticed, it appears that Fred! has a facial scar that moves from the left corner of his mouth all the way up to that little nub that rests just in front of the orifice of the ear.

Personaly, if it is a facial scar, I say Fred! should tell the story for two reasons.

Dudes Respect other dudes with facial scars and good stories.

Chicks, don’t care about the story, but if you can keep your features with a facial scar, then chicks think they are hot!

Play it up, thats a 5% bounce right there.

Unless it is a story that consists of you seperating your pit bull from a dog fight he had just won right before rufus (all people with southern accents name their big dogs rufus) turned on you, or a rabbit attack.  I think many of us are aware that NiiiiiiceDeb’s “niblets” is running wild.

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.50 caliber rifles.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 13, 2007

I won’t say “sniper” rifles, cuz well, there are rules to actually being a sniper, and rifles aren’t sniper specific, they are sniper convenient.

Other than that, it looks like this story, at confederate yankee, originaly believed, while not at all improbably factual, appears to be fake.  Now what motivation will a middle of the road english publication (both virulantly left, and virulanty right, and equally sensational) have for printing this story with no support?

Either they are looking for a “world war” in the middle east, or they are looking to find a reason that private company’s should not be able to sell their goods legaly.

Whichever is below par for me.

Update:  Link fixed.  I’m a doof.

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