Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

You can tell when we are lazy,

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 13, 2007

Cuz we always come back to allah, and hotair.


Anyways, I notice this, and I only bring it up cuz I’m not comenting on the video, but rather the comments about the video.

“But going after the fair Elisabeth? If he wasn’t so solidly right on Trutherism, he’d be dead to me”

Is this a sign that Allahpundit is no longer stalking KP but rather the married and pregnant elizabeth?

Thats almost too beta to even be beta, thats almost gamma male.  Allah, dude!  Nuts up, right now you are only getting a “C” in political celebrity stalkerism.   I’m still focused on MKH, and while I keep failing the class, I intend to one day pass, and when it happens it will do great things for my GPA.


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