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A Great Day for the White Sox!!

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 14, 2007

The starting line up did fantastic, no runs or hits scored, and the Bullpen, which has been disappointing followed through just as everyone has been hoping for the last several weeks and months of failure.

 They kept their opponent from scoring a single run, and their offense did just as was expected.

 Drawback?  The White Sox didn’t play today, and even though there wasn’t a game, this was probably the best game I’ve seen/not seen in more than a week.

It’s an average day for a chicago team right now (except for the fact that the cubs are on a 3 game winning streak!, and the Sox are sucking crap)

The point is?  THANK YOU White Sox for having today off, it’s the only day this week that I haven’t experienced dissappointment thanks to your failures.

3 Responses to “A Great Day for the White Sox!!”

  1. mesablue said

    Cubs Win!!!

  2. I said that ALREADY!!! don’t rub it IN!!!!

    The cubs are also on a 3 game streak, or is it four now?

  3. Robert said

    When is football season again?

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