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Funniest weirdest campaign commercial ever

Posted by mesablue on June 15, 2007

Mike Gravel is an idiot, but this is great. For those of you not in the know — he’s running for president. Yeah, I know, not a household name — and not a chance in hell.

I’d take him over Ron Paul, though. Barely.

I hope he’s goofy enough to run this on television.

He also has a much longer one sitting next to a fire.

Allah, once again.


9 Responses to “Funniest weirdest campaign commercial ever”

  1. Just plain wierd.

  2. John Galt said

    Fred! better watch out. A candidate that speaks as clearly as Mike Gravel is going to catch on like wildfire.

  3. Chuck said

    So stupid it is funny, if I could vote I would vote for him.

  4. nicedeb said

    I always vote for him in those Pajamas Media straw polls.

  5. Me too.

  6. He’s not on the poll anymore, I haven’t voted in a number of weeks.

  7. pattyann said

    WP, I would never vote for him in anything. Pentagon Papers?

  8. Patty?

    I think we had this discussion about our relative ages, so I will instead say that, at the time of the petagon papers, my father was 21.

  9. John Galt said

    #7 Pattyann

    OMG – Thanks for reminding us.

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