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Eff the dead people

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 16, 2007

Hamas stole the completely undeserved, and overly hyped, and irrationaly awarded acclimation that was Arafats Peace Prize!!

Now it’s news, is it a civil war yet? Is it a society of mongrels yet? Is it a cult of death yet?

I submit that we need a commission to look into WHY Arafats Nobel Peace Prize was taken and despoiled, then in 80 years when there is no more western concept of free enterprise or action we might have an answer.  My bet is it will become an icon of the greatness of allah to prove the global caliphate as supreme, but I might be cynical.

2 Responses to “Eff the dead people”

  1. carin said

    How can they be sure it wasn’t the Joos?

  2. The joo’s have their own prizes, usually in unimportant things like, I don’t know “science” and stuff

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