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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 17, 2007

According to newsbusters the UN Sec Gen says that Darfur is because of FLOGGING GLOBAL FLOGGING WARMING?

I remember the Ethiopian famine, when I was a kid, I also remember the sudanese refugee problem brought about by a famine in Sudan, I also remember other famines, and other droughts, and other famines, but the thing that was most common?

A nation of mongrels unwilling to care for their people their food base, and their industrial base.


so let me get this straight, global warming is responsible that there is a ruling population of arab muslims in sudan who think that black muslims are an interferrence, AFTER they have already chased the african christians into a defensive posture with the EVER SO VIGILANT! UN military protecting the christians, but now the arab muslims are killing black muslims, but not black christians is because of Global FLOGGING WARMING?!?!?!?

Listen, there MIGHT be something (not likely) to this whole global warming thing, there MIGHT be something (not likely)to this whole poverty thing, there MIGHT be something to this (not likely) whole western intervention thing, but you know what I don’t believe?

That Africa at .6 degree’s in the last hundred years is why lowlife scumbags are eager to slaughter an entire RACIAL portion of their population.  Global Effing Warming, JESUS FRIGGEN CHRIST!!!

3 Responses to “WTF!!!!”

  1. John Galt said

    What? You expected something intelligent from Ban Ki-moon? Been following this UN crap on my blog. The UN types are going to be spouting nonsense like this all year. The big push is on to get the US and other nations to sign up for Kyoto+ during the December global warming end of the world party they are thowing in Bali.

  2. damewiggy said

    It’s true. I know it is.

    El Nino made me cheat on my taxes once.

  3. What I was in, a friend of mine made the joke that whenever you are getting your ass handed to you by a superior, to wait for the first deep breath they are taking and interject “oohrah” and it will almost always make the person yelling at you to calm down a bit, and be less offensive and more reasonable. It is true, thats part of why I speak in the definative. “absoluty” “definately” “completely” stuff like that, it takes people off guard and makes them a little more reasonable in their ass chewing, or aggressive order giving.

    Global warming is the exact opposite of that, it’s is the bright red ball of yarn of rage that distracts any journalist, liberal (heh like theres a difference) pundit or political activist. No matter what they are angry about at the moment, as soon as you throw out “global warming” then BAM! they aren’t pissed at you anymore, but that EFFING BUSH! or any other target of convenience.

    I think when shrinks talk of this about crazy people they call it “displacement.”

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