Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on June 19, 2007

Junkyard does an excellent job of taking this article down (sub required, I found one of those fake username/passwords that give access, but I can’t remember it now), and here is an ispirational supplemental

We call it “Sauron-tech”.

Also a good but incomplete summary of how useful that “fence” would be.

“10:05 PM Hey, there’s a guy sneaking across the border!”

“10:06 PM Hey, there’s a guy sneaking across the border!”

“10:07 PM Hey, there’s a guy sneaking across the border!”

“10:07 PM Hey, there’s a guy sneaking across the border!”

“10:09 PM Hey, there’s a guy sneaking across the border!”

 Again HEH! (question?  if we have a document of them illegaly crossing the border, would that make them documented illegaly working “americans” as reid called them?)

I worked in industrial electronics for a while, before I got bored.  My experience is not as fancy sounding as these examples of tech, but it’s the same principle.  “Light Curtains” “‘laser’ interlocks” and stuff like like that.  They work, but not so well you will stick your hands into the moving parts.

I also did domestic and commercial security systems, and the actual engineering is pretty cool but in practice there aren’t any people to enforce that security.  Who cares if something goes beep when noone shows up.

Also, there are particular types of perimeter control.  Mesa undoubtedly knows more about this, at least in practice, but you have, I think, denial, channeling, and diversion layouts for your defensive digs and wire.  Even if a wall, a real wall, doesn’t keep them out, it CAN serve the purpose of guiding the coyote’s and illegals into an area where they can be more readily aprehended.

So even if a wall doesn’t keep them out, it will likely serve the purpose of pushing the illegals to an area in which we would prefer to engage, subdue, and deport their asses.  Area denial isn’t all about airial warfare, or artillery, it’s actually based on a long established defensive posture of earth works and WALLS!  Walls made out of something that isn’t an unreliable method.

 Oh! I left this out, what JYB is missing out on is:

10:05:03 scrub brush blowing in the wind

10:05:08 – 16:23:23  Extremely heavy fog and inclement weather.

Yeah, the tech can look through both of those, but is the cost worth it, when compared to something more reliable that has proven itself through century’s and is in effect less expensive to maintain?  Something like, Oh, I don’t know, an ACTUAL PHYSICAL WALL!!

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