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Congress at 14%

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 20, 2007

I guess theres a gallup poll that says this is the most disliked congress in history, or at least measurable history.

The other competitors are ’91, ’93 and ’94, all tied at 18%,  Last years was 19% so there isn’t any celebration going on here, however I couldn’t help but notice that of the 5 most depised years of congress, 4 of them were democraticly lead.

Just putting it out there.

(and get yourselves under control but I got this thanks to insty, whodathunkit?  Really I just had to post something so that everytime someone logged in, they didn’t have testicles in their face.)

Update:  J Pod at NRO’s Corner, has an idea that I don’t exactly disagree with.


3 Responses to “Congress at 14%”

  1. […] Congress at 14% […]

  2. Thanks obit.
    or should I say.
    ….thanks? . . . .obit?

    But thanks anyways.

  3. Robert said

    They don’t care. It could be half that and they wouldn’t care! Because it does not affect them personally.

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