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Microsoft’s new Big Ass Table computer

Posted by mesablue on June 21, 2007


When I first saw this I thought — “hey, this is Dave in Texas!”

To understand why I thought it might (slight possibility) be DinT at first, watch his most eggselent video at the Innocent Bystanders non-blog thingy.


I could do a little searching and actually find the thing:

I barely even rate a mention — I’m crushed.

All Allah, Allah the time.

3 Responses to “Microsoft’s new Big Ass Table computer”

  1. Goober, sentimentalist goober.

  2. Niblet said

    Someone has to be.

  3. I’ve Been Tagged

    In a car accident yesterday, had the snot knocked out of me, given some serious medications and I’ve gotten tagged by Nice Deb. What did I do to deserve this chain of calamaties?
    My answers:
    Tagging Questions:
    1) Name your favorite band and sin…

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