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I’m not a doctor.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 22, 2007

But this lame ass preventative analysis (and relatively incorrect, when it comes to laptops, at least for men) is offered by one.

Now the advice is good, but it’s good advice in the “duh” category.

My brother, who I love, but who has issues with me right now, so if he reads this, go ahead and comment, I’m not talking out of school.  Pinched a nerve in his shoulder, by typing on a laptop.

The reason it happened is cuz he was typing on a low platform as a tall man (almost exactly 6’1, but his posture sucks) on a narrow keyboard at a DESK!

Now, here is my advice, I know, I already said I’m not a doctor.  reduce your screen resolution, so that you have bigger text, and you can push the laptop further away from you.

That works in a low setting desk, cuz you can slide your chair back, and laying down cuz you can slide the laptop over your thigh’s closer to your knee’s.

Wear glasses, if you need them.

If you must sit at a desk or table, make sure that the table is almost eye height, or the chair is low enough that the screen of the laptop is at eye height, and push yourself or the laptop back far enough that you aren’t pinching your neck with your muscles.

Learn how to touch type, sounds stupid, but no kidding, look at a touch typer typing, and look at a hunter and pecker, the hunter and pecker is crunched up over the narrow laptop keyboard, It took me about 3 months to learn how to touch type, and about 3 more months to learn how to touch type damn near faster than anyone I know.

Don’t be affraid of stretching, especially if you are a man who isn’t a fat dork, or a woman with great jugg’s, or a well defined back.

Motion is never a bad thing.

This is my advice based on about 14 years of extreme text gaming and internet dorkism using whatever keyboard is available.   Oh, and the whole “sitting up straight” thing?  Not important,  MOVE!  lean into and out of the board, but MOVE!

Anyone with a problem can correct me, but like I said, I have 14 yeras of internet dork experience, and about 7 more years of keyboard based gaming before that, that is the extent of my experience.


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