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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 23, 2007

Via Allah, (I have typed that so much in the last 2 weeks that I might start accidentaly using it in spoken form) comes this tidbit about Fred!

The Chick’s dig him, which ain’t a bad thing at all, hell they describe Fred! in a way that almost makes ME want to bang him.

Question though.  Look at the lead up to each quote.

The Hollywood actor and former Tennessee senator racked up an impressive list of conquests during his swinging bachelor days in the 1990s

The insinuation is that Fred! was a viking tearing through hollywood and washington, using his crank as a machette in a jungle of pooter.

A less offensive insinuation, but the insult is still there.

  At 24 years his junior, Kehn has been described as a “trophy wife” but the former Republican consultant is as clever as she is vivacious, according to Mosbacher.

Meanwhile Kerry, who had at least the same reputation as Fred! is now credited with, was simply described as “something of a swordsman while he was single,” and such.  Noone really made an issue of Kerry marrying someone a billion dollars his senior, oh, WE *wink wink* knew it, but it wasn’t an “issue.”

Other than that, you got half a dozen ex-girlfriends on your side, when a lot of people in washington aren’t even liked by their spouses *cough*hillary*cough* that can’t be a bad thing.

Edit: How did I over look this one?

Joe Scarborough, a television presenter, was recently pilloried for wondering on air whether Thompson’s wife “works the pole”, although he later claimed that he had been referring jokily to the pole fitness craze rather than to stripping.

Actually, the joke wasn’t about working a stripper pole, I when I saw and heard it, I don’t think joe was talking about strippers, I think he was talking about whore’s who work a pole that isn’t brass (well it might be, but that is some serious kink) he was talking about Jeri Kehns manipulation of “The Pole.”  Anyone who thinks it was a sarcastic joke about “pole dancing” which itself was created for it’s phallic content is lying to themselves and anyone who hears them.  Also, note the use of the word “pilloried.”  I didn’t see joe in stocks, I didn’t see joe suffer, I just saw him get called on his crude comment about a professional woman who happens to be hot, and married to a soon to be President of The United States of America.


10 Responses to “Fred!”

  1. […] Lorie Morgan says “nummy” Well she didn’t, but next we will be hearing about how he’s the lord of Mr. Johnson, and the wizard of Lady […]

  2. John said

    Douglas, you have been tagged.

  3. Never Douglas here John, and I will respond at The Hostages, which is my place, I take part here, but it’s actually mesa’s.

    Once again, never douglas Here, deal?

  4. mesablue said



  6. CHILL with the first name.

  7. amd NEVER “dougie” there is only one person who I allow to use that truncation.

  8. Little Scottie likes to chase hates that are powder blue.

    Get it boss?

  9. geoff said

    You can see all the exes in my old (but strangely still popular) post: The Babes of Fred Thompson.

  10. eddiebear said

    Is it true that Scarborough gave to some lefty groups recently? If so, he is gone off the reservation.

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