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Loudmouthed Retards.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 23, 2007

I am one, so I know something about this subject.

Cameron Diaz, who looks like all kinds of hell really, I have neighbors who are the mother of several who have better skin than Cameron, is praising oppression, while she is denouncing US oppression, and praising the concept of being poor and stupid, and short lived as a GREAT way to live.



3 Responses to “Loudmouthed Retards.”

  1. cranky said

    Dumb and ugly is no way to go through life. Poor Cameron.

    Isn’t she one of the Charlie’s Angels who loved pooping outdoors because it was liberating?

  2. she was an angel, but I think it was drew that said that.

  3. cranky said

    Okay, but they’re both poop heads anyway.

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