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Mark Levin

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 26, 2007

Really, this guy is a cock.

Not stupid, just a rotten prick, just like Ann Coulter, who isn’t stupid, but IS a rotten bitch, I heard Mark listen to a person who described part the disingenuous nature of the Illegal Imigrant argument in a way that is factual.

“the problem is that those in favor of this bill say all immigrants are mexican, but when questioned about others, are called racists.”

And Mark with his Cockslutbitchy schilly method, ignores the validity of the point.

All illegals are not mexican, and to say so IS racist, or at least race bating.


Why do we have so many smart talented people who are so friggen schilly so that assholes like mark can play tough?

Let me inform you mark, you aren’t. I don’t think there is a male who takes part, or comments on this site that couldn’t devoure your ass in an instant, and many of them are smarter than any of your wannabe arrogance demonstrates.  I don’t care about your degree’s.

Why do we let the coulters and the Levins be quoted in our name?


15 Responses to “Mark Levin”

  1. nicedeb said

    I like both Coulter, and Levin, but that’s just me.

  2. I like vin Diesel, I read a story about him stoppy a mugger a few years ago, who stole a womans handbag in NY.

    Doesn’t mean I want to hear him hate on his highschool sweetheart.

    Ann is especially guilty since one of her best friends IS Bill Maher.

  3. forged rite said

    I don’t really like Coulter or Levin either. But it’s more their style, than their substance. That may be shallow, but style does matter in politics. Levin comes across like one of those annoying strangers who won’t stop talking to you while you wait in line, and Coulter responds to everything with that annoying “i can’t believe you just said that” attitude.

  4. I might be a jackass forged, but I’m never a jackass when it comes to those things that require substance.

    A highschool and college dropout, who was court-martialed in the mariners is more simply substantive than people with post grads?

    I don’t think so, they are LOW people, especially considering the fact that I spent and in fact SPEND most of my life in the presence of low people?

    No, I don’t forgive them.

  5. K-2 said

    Wickedpinko, you seem to be quite the expert on cocks and pricks. Is there something you are not telling us? and, by the way, the word immigrant has two m’s in the word ya DOPE! Given the fact that you don’t grasp that concept, further discussion the subject with you is about as much a waste of time as you are a waste of sperm. Thank you and have a nice day (in the adult bookstore).

    And what is the fascination with males on this site devouring other male posteriors? Again, is there something you aren’t telling us? Please, no pictures!

  6. BJsCigarroller said

    Wickedpinko, can you lay of the insults and just give me facts to counter just where Ann and Mark are wrong?

  7. Handyman said

    -Your syntax is very strained to say the least. And your “point” (If you are in fact trying to present one) is frankly not cogent. While it is clear that you have a sentiment, it is equally clear that you do not have an argument.

    -Your liberal use of what appears to be compulsive swearing makes me think that perhaps you dabble in porn. Your name wouldn’t be Larry Flint would it?

    – I am sorry you feel put upon by people with degrees. However if you really do listen to Mark Levin (which I doubt) then you would know that he is “heavy duty” experienced. (uh, strike three pal.)

    P.S. For future reference, name calling, and character assasination only appeals to people with no appetite for facts.

  8. Handy,

    I do, The guys smart as all shit, I know that, my problem isn’t with his smarts, or even his points, it’s that he’s a dick.

    I understand that that’s “his thing,” I just wish it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t think he was a dick.

  9. K-2 said

    There you go with the phallus fixation again. What’s up with that?

  10. SanFran said


    You seem to enjoy talking about dicks. Are you gay, bi or a breeding female? 😉

  11. K-2 said

    I’m seem to like talking about the subject? Have you looked at your comments bozo? Anyway, here’s a teddy bear for you! You seem to be fixated on flacid things. Have at! http://kstp.com/article/stories/s137989.shtml?cat=1

  12. BJsCigarroller said

    wickedpinko, Why do you say hes a dick did you call him on the lib line? Yes thats it you called him and he hurt your feelings, then he hung up on you.

  13. madmouser said

    Does your mother know you talk like that in public? Shame on you. Did you know that Mark Levin has the most beautiful voice on radio?

  14. schilly said

    Why do you use my last name ‘schilly’ as a cuss word? You freakin levin….

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