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Early clips for larry king live.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 27, 2007

Early Clips? For Larry King Live? how does that work?

I really don’t care about Paris Hilton, but I can’t help but get disgusted by what happens around Paris Hilton. Yes she is a stupid little girl, who acts like a stupid little girl, but it’s the not so stupid retards that have camera’s, magazines and prime time question and answer television shows that deserve to be hated.

To act like they are giving her a medium in which she can represent her self as a possitive force in the culture by doing nothing but the most basicly idiotic of things is a lie. Paris is the victim of a running practical joke, pretty soon Bob Goldthwait will be directing her new Star Vehicle “Windy City That’s Hot.”

Why does anyone pay attention to someone this completely vapid, inarticulate and borderline retarded?

Well, other than me that is, cuz I’m not commenting on her, but society as a whole, which gives me clearance, or something like that.

Update: I’m kinda watching it.  Umm, she’s throwing jargon, “mystery meat” wow that’s fascinating, “jail slop,” GTFOOH!  Now show us the prison tat tramp stamp of a swastika.  I swear I’m dumber already and it’s only been on for seven minutes.

Update: Paris Learned so much, like next time she goes to in and out drunk, she will take a limo, just like the rest of us.

Inclusion:  If you don’t know what “In and Out Burger” (which is what I meant in the previous update) is then I suggest you find a way to the west coast and learn, ROCKS!  A “double double for me please!”


2 Responses to “Early clips for larry king live.”

  1. Joe said

    I like Paris Hilton.

  2. Cathy said

    Ok, so not all your post make sense.

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