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I will destroy you!!!!

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

of50332442.jpgCuz Wickedpinto is my friend.


update: ” or I will plant my oversized feet up your ass!!!”


Update:  Imagine an extraordinarily brilliant Paris Hilton.  Paris would require about 2k years to accomplish the fear that the littlist physicist offers, and about another 10K to live up to her genius.  If only Paris were the recipient of the littlest physicists oversized foot, or feet.  Other than that, she is the perfect child, cuz she is and will be nothing like Paris Hilton.

Alarm:  No really duck.



3 Responses to “I will destroy you!!!!”

  1. mesablue said

    Ok, the kid is really cute.

    But, what the heck is this supposed to mean?

    And, why do I bother asking?

  2. I was in an odd mood, I was cleaning up some of my old images and first thing I thought was that the kid was threatening the person with a camera, so I just kept thinking of captions.

    Like I said, I was in a “mood.”

  3. That is my friend daughter, and she is my friend.

    She likes me and had a habit of hitting me, she’s a slapper.

    SLAP!!!”wicket play with me”
    SLAP!!!” WICKED take me to the park”

    She’s that kinda girl.

    She ignores mom and dad, she Wants to play with Friends.

    Unfortunatlely My dum ass was nice to her so I’m the friend of choice.

    thank god she doesn’t live here.

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