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Another great moment in tolerant “progressive” history.

Posted by mesablue on June 29, 2007

In another example of the “free speech for me, but not for thee” doctrine of the tolerant left, some “progressive” nutball stole the microphone of a Fox News reporter during live coverage of the iPhone release.

Appropriate beat down of gooyf leftie commences. Followed by his arrest.

Nut steals Fox News reporter’s microphone on camera

BDS sufferers can now whine to their shrink about their latest malady — Fox Derangment Syndrome.

Of course, this happens the same week the Pelosi bunch are trying to reanimate the dinosaur known as the Fairness Doctrine.

It’s drives the lefties nuts that America won’t voluntarily get in line to listen to their pablum — the death of Air America, Olby’s incredibly terrible ratings. So, they will try to force it down our throats in the one way they know best — Big Goverment!

Too bad it won’t work.



2 Responses to “Another great moment in tolerant “progressive” history.”

  1. nicedeb said

    Welcome back, snaggletooth.

  2. We should call him “Fang!”

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