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I got noth’n

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 30, 2007

But you guys might find this to be good news.

Paris Hilton appears to have been written out of the will, her grandfathers, not her fathers.  I don’t understand the distribution of wealth within that family, but while this won’t make Paris a pauper, which I really hope happens some day, it will remove her access to the vast majority of family fortune that was her only cache before she started being a filthy whore on television.

Found at WWTDD, where you can also find some news on Jessica Alba, and Brittany.

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Sunday Morning Cartooon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2007

Mesa wanted to see boobies, but no, he’s gonna have to wait for a while, this is still a totaly safe for work SMC.

My brothers favorite cartoon character was Foghorn Leghorn, and he did an impression, so did my mother, my MOTHER!

Of course so did I, and I did like the cartoons, it was so ridiculous, “wel I say I sa-sa-sa-sa… I SAY BOY!”

BRILLIANT voicing, absolutely brilliant chickenhawk fight.  Chickenhawks are impressive.

And sometimes, If I weren’t attentive, I would think that Mesa were messing with me   🙂

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Hi, my name is Jorg

Posted by mesablue on July 29, 2007

Watch me dance!

Apparently this is some sort of youtube phenomenon.

And, a fun way to mess with WP’s Sunday Morning Cartoon. Damn, he checked the video before he posted it.

Venezuelan Jorg. Freaky, but he rocks.


Crappy Jorg.

Claymation cool Jorg.

Baby Jorg.

Of course, Thumb Wars!

Oh, and this is the 500th post at AMA. Almost calls for some crackhead!

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A day in the life..

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2007

Of Wickedpinto

No shame, no gain.

Or as WP would say, “I don’t care if she’s fat, I’d hit that ass like a Mack truck driven by Lindsay Lohan.”

Video found over at Madfish Willie’s.

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Scumbag of the year

Posted by mesablue on July 26, 2007

Updated at the bottom: an email from Beauchump’s 1st Sgt.

Picture thanks to The American Pundit

Follow the link (or click the picture), I’m too disgusted to waste words on this idiot.

Scott Thomas revealed

From the Weekly Standard:


We are in the midst of a formal investigation into the allegations Pvt Beauchamp has made. That’s all I can say for now.



Major Kirk Luedeke
Public Affairs Officer
4th IBCT, 1st ID

Bye bye, Beauchamp.

I watched this start to come together/fall apart last night at Ace’s — you can follow along in the comment section on this post.

Michelle Malkin has lots more with background.

Doubleplusundead dissects the lying sack of shit.

Update: TNR reacts to being caught with it’s pants down — again, by firing the one person who had the moral fortitude to come forward with the truth about Beauchamp.

An email from Beauchump’s 1st Sgt., from The Foxhole:

Below is a correspondence I had with PVT Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s Co. 1SG. I e-mailed him via AKO and did not expect him to have the time to answer, but I’m proud to say he did. Looks like The New Republic’s representative lackey has alot of explaining to do. My original e-mail is at the bottom. Enjoy!

SFC McElroy,

I’m not in the habit of answering these email’s. It would be far too many. I appreciate all the support from home and I can assure you that not a single word of this was true. We’ve been fighting this fight for quite some time. Numerous soldiers within my unit have served on several deployments and this is my third year as a First Sergeant in this unit. My soldiers conduct is consistently honorable. This soldier has other underlining issues which I’m sure will come out in the course of the investigation. No one at any of the post we live at or frequent, remotely fit the descriptions of any of the persons depicted in this young man’s fairy tale. I can’t and won’t divulge any information regarding this soldier, but I do sincerely appreciate all the support from the people back home. Again, this young man has a vivid imagination and I promise you that this by no means reflects the truth of what is happening here. I’m currently serving with the best America has to offer. I have worked and fought closely with every soldier within my company and they are consummate professionals in an area most people can’t fathom. I’m proud of my soldiers and would gladly give my life for any one of them. Please continue to keep them with you in your prayers and thank God that we have these courageous men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Americans, and the people of this struggling nation.


1SG Hatley

You got some splainen to do Scotty boy.

Never piss off a first shirt.

More: A very straight forward take on these events at Winds of Change.

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More crackhead!!! 90,000 hits, baby!

Posted by mesablue on July 26, 2007

What a finish! The guy’s got some lungs, that’s for sure.

Just Omazing.

Update: Post bumped to celebrate 40,000 hits. Sing it!

Update of the update: Back where we belong.


Udate-apalooza: 75,000 hits. Woo!

Yee-haw! Almost 100,000!!! — Not too bad for a blog that is only seven months young. Thanks to Wickedpinto for filling in while I have been lazy.

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MKH talks about sexual deviants?

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 26, 2007

really all she has to do is open her fan mail.  I’m just say’n.  This is actually an offensive and disgusting story, but MKH is always cute adorable and completely hittable throughout.

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Harry Potter (pretty much all spoilers)

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 25, 2007

The book at it’s literary value, is not something I’m gonna break down, at least not much. The chick who did the advance review for the NYT was a pedantic retard, and if you think she did a good job, then stop reading, and just accept whatever other people tell you.

It was the best in the series, and it was a more than entertaining book, but to insinuate that it was a work for the ages, other than the fact that it is a the last of the greatest marketing success in the history of publishing, is not only naive but worthy of that chick having her degree revoked.

The tempo of the book is acceptable, FAST, slow, Fast SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, Fast, moderate, Fast, SLOW, and finaly it’s just right, and thats not uncommon in most books where entire environments and mythologys must be expressed, so thats not really a complaint, thats just a basic layout of what it will be like to read this book.


Read the rest of this entry »

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Ward Churchill

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2007

will soon be eating from refuse bins.

I wish !!

Actually, he will just lose his university money, but he will make money as a visiting scholar, and guest speaker.

If only he could be beheaded, ummmmm.

Hey Abdul Mohammed Ahmed?  Ward Churchill offended your honor!

(thats the best I can stew up.)

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The Debates

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2007

Didn’t watch the debate.It doesn’t interest me, since I’m so indifferent, I felt I should share my basic attitude about debates.

Republican “debates”:

Wow, the moderater doesn’t seem very moderate!

Wow! one of them actually answered a question! Of course it was a question they asked themselves while ignoring the question asked by the moderator.

Is there a Law and Order on?

Democrat “Debates”:

Wow, they are all wrong, no matter the question.

Wow, I will not vote for any of them anyway.

Wow, There IS a Law and Order on.

Chosing the “winners” of these debates is dependant on the Party. For the ‘pubs, I have to decide who “try’s” the least, find the someone who is able to mesh my irrational need to watch them, without making me miss the latest Law and Order re-run.  That kind of person hasn’t entered the race yet, at least that I’ve seen.

For dem’s it’s like chosing between a North African Mankiller Scorpioin, or a Deathstalker Scorpion, or the Cobra. Which one would offer the least painful, or terrifiying death?

Other than that, I don’t care, it’s a silly little demonstration of personal vanity and free airtime.

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Watched the Presser

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2007

Falcons are gonna wait until the NFL investigation is complete, though originaly they were gonna suspend Vick for 4 weeks as a pre-liminary.  The Commish said don’t do anything till they complete an internal investigation.

I don’t argue with that, It has to wait till it goes to trial to make that decision, but If he can’t make camp, or games because of his legal problems, he should be dumped, but he won’t, not until the trial, which is also hard to argue with.

I think it’s impossible to conclude that he didn’t at least play a part in dog torture for the gladiatorial amusement of himself and his friends, but It should go to court before he is universaly hated.  I don’t care about the verdict, but if the evidence makes me change my mind about him, I might not spit on his image every time I see him.

Other than that, I’m presuming guiltyish, which is my right, I’m not on the jury.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2007

Rand just had to go and mention a 90,000,000 carat diamond.

I better start the layaway now just in case I ever do get married.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2007

update:  Mike speaks, and I still can’t say any more than this sad little post says, I’m weak like that.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but I stole this pick from his blog, I think the love is apparent, a beautiful woman is gone, and an OBVIOUSLY loving man has a hole in his heart.


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Democratic Debate

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2007

I have self esteem so I’m watching re-runs of scrubs, but Hugh Hewitt is live radio mocking this, and it’s worth it.  Listen, if you don’t get Hugh at home try this.

I like his style in this, he’s calling all the questioners idiots, and he’s more than happy to judge the editorial staff at CNN for picking these particular idiots.

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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2007

Snagglepuss is the most blatantly gay character in all of cartoons, after he-man, but the way he does the “I’ve been cornered, Trapped even!” Always had a silly sort of humor to it.

One of my friends used to do a snagglepuss impression, amazingly he later came out as bi/gay and a furry fetisher, whodathunkit?

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Bad news

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2007

I got the new HP book at about noon, I’m well into it, and there will be a brief review prior to the SMC I figure.

I’m sorry, but pop culture requires it.  There will be pleanty of stealthed spoilers translated into wickedpintoese, which might be found entertaining by our readers.

 Other than that, I’m sorry AMA’er’s, I just must, It’s like masturbating furiously whenever I see salma naked, I! MUST! Do! It! OH!

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Liars or Liars?

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2007

Hummers don’t have four lugnuts, and there aren’t gas stations, thats not how they are built. 

Mesa knows more, he was with grunts, I was just attached for training.

I FAILED my humvee course (true) because I ran into the base SgtMajor’s van, while I was taking my humbee class.  Thats true, i only broke his tail light (no shit, and that is no shit) and it was my ground guides fault, not mine, Once again, no shit.

 Anyways, before I got into the humvee, I knew it had a lousy turning radius compared to a street car, and that it could pretty much drive over anything, so I had no problem intimidating the lead car with my humvee when I was driving it behind a civvy car, I was a bit of a jerky back then.

I also know that humvee’s had runflat tires, this had NOTHING to do with being a humvee driver, but rather that I was routinely volunteered for shit jobs (remember I was courtmartialed based on information that didn’t include me, I should have been battallion NJP’d but not summary courtmartialed, I don’t bitch about the punishment, just the EAGERNESS) anyways. . . . . .

Every change a humvee tire?

I think there are 12 bolts holding it in place as the first argument, and then, if you have a complete tire in the back, you can’t carry more than 4 people in the back of a humvee, YES the tires are damn near that big.

If you ACTUALLY change a humvee tire, you have to protect either the tire, or the run flat “donut” we didn’t call it a donut, I forget what we called it at the time.

But Before I was even allowed to drive one, and get into a car accident with The Base SgtMaj’s van, I had to do basic matainence.  I was a maintenance guy, so I got maintence, I was kinda surprised by the requirement of having two fat guys jump on the “doughnut” until it fit the rim, and then at least one fat guy, or two normal guys, jumping on the tire.

You don’t jump on the tire to make it fit, you jump on the tire, so that the bolts of the “lugs” in normal cars can even TOUCH the threads of the hummer.

Humvee’s are VERY stout and powerful vehicles.

I’m just saying, and my experience consisted of a couple of field tests (where I did nothing) and “training” (basicaly liscence classes) where I had to do that crap.

No, you ain’t gonna change a tire in the middle of a streem, hehe, hows that for an analogy, for anyone who gets it.

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Happy last minute Moon Day!

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 20, 2007

Don’t tell my uncle, he would be ashamed of me, but I am WAY late on posting anything about moon day.

We landed on the moon 38 years ago, got bored after only 3 years, and decided to just hange out with all of the junkie’s that were replacing the men of worth that led us to the moon.

Then we had the idea of the shuttle, which was screwed up, because of studio 54.

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Harry Potter Leak

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 20, 2007

I know, it’s pathetic that I’m mentioning it, at least it’s better the the trailers I put up some time ago.

There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that there are copy’s of the book available for reading and review.  One of the big deals floating around is all of the links to torrent sites that have a .pdf, but that pdf is being debunked as fan-fiction, (5oo pages of fan fiction, thats just sad.)  There is also argument about the “spoilers” that are listed in the NYT review (in my opinion, not a big deal, yes I do read a lot of the boards, they are entertaining, and by describing the hallow’s as they actually are, isn’t a big deal, to think that the readers could have figured out the meaning is stupid based on all of the other titles) and a supposed upload of the jim dale audio-book (unless it’s been updated) are all silly and almost all wrong.

I finaly found a review that actually has spoilers, at least for people who might have been curious and attentive, you can figure out a couple of them from this article I would guess, because, there is only one sword mentioned in the entire book, pleanty of axes, but only one sword.

Basicaly, I don’t know how many of you have ever read a book, my guess is most of you, but even if you knew the end of a book or series that you were atached to as the HP people are, you think that would keep you from reading the book?  I can’t think of a single book that I have ever read where knowing the ending would have kept me from reading it, (or at least a single book I enjoyed) because reading is about the process of reading.  Of turning off your real world self and sinking into the world that the author is creating and actually making yourself a part of the book rather than an outsider learning about other people.

Still, I don’t know if I’m gonna cave in and read the book before I hear the audio book. (60 friggen bucks!?!  They are better than the books but not THAT much better) So I’m in a bit of a connundrum.

Do I meander down this week, as I pick up a couple new books for my entertainment, and include Harry Potter into the queue?  I think it comes down to a basic question, do I think that the readers of AMA could tolerate this post about Harry Potter, a review of Harry Potter tomorrow, and then a sunday morning cartoon?

Thats a lot of lameness to ask ya’all to endure, still, I don’t know, I might get the book, and do it anyways.

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Incompetence, and a little cuteness.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 20, 2007

The TSA hates 3rd graders 

“It’s not really fair that I couldn’t get home because another man in the world was a terrorist,” Moore said.

No it is not Bryan.

And another story with an interesting observation from Ryze business networking

The money quote, from the comments, Commenter LJ Questions the story.

“I bet this is a scam. What terrorist is named Bryan Moore? Will the real Bryan Moore please stand up? Does Bryan Moore have a thyroid related disease making him appear as young as seven or eight? Well, I’m glad this got sorted out.”

That gave me a sort of sad smile this afternoon.

Update: I included the moniker of the commenter.  I thought it was sufficiently snarky so I should have given the individual credit.  Bad Blog courtesy on my part.

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