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Beware blood sucking peacocks

Posted by mesablue on July 1, 2007

No, really.

Man beats peacock he says was vampire

NEW YORK (AP) — A peacock that roamed into a fast-food restaurant parking lot was attacked by man who vilified the bird as a vampire, animal-control authorities said.

Beaten so fiercely that most of his tail feathers fell out, the bird was euthanized, said Richard Gentles, a spokesman for the city’s Center for Animal Care and Control.

“It’s just unbelievable that someone would do something to a poor, defenseless animal and do it in such a cruel fashion,” he said.

The peacock, a male several years old, wandered into a Staten Island Burger King parking lot and perched on a car hood Thursday morning. Charmed employees had been feeding him bread when the man appeared.

He seized the iridescent bird by the neck, hurled it to the ground and started kicking and stomping the creature, said worker Felicia Finnegan, 19.

“He was going crazy,” she said.

Asked what he was doing, she said, the attacker explained, “‘I’m killing a vampire!'”

Poor guy is probably going to get in trouble for trying to provide a public service.


3 Responses to “Beware blood sucking peacocks”

  1. This is actually kinda funny, I was talking with mOZ like 2 days before you posted this about when we visited the most bizarre zoo I have ever been to.

    In fact, mOZ and I kinda agree that we sorta broke into the zoo the day before I left AU, and we were joking about how all the koala’s were checking her out, and all the grey ‘roo’s were chasing her, no shit, there was one grey that kept following her, and playing with her hair.

    Meanwhile I had an emu get all shitty with me, thats another no shit, fucker kept snorting at me and head faking my ass, and then as we were leaving there were peacocks in a very small enclosure.

    I turned to mOZ and said something like “it looks empty,” and just then a peahen takes off at a sprint right in front of me, followed by a peacock, and it was so rapid, so loud, and so, borderline violent, that my at peak build Marine fitness freaked the fuck out.

    Peacocks scare me. Of course she made fun of me.

  2. Joe said

    WP, I thought you were a Marine Grunt not cunt.

  3. Nah, I was as bitch as bitch can be in the Marines Joe. 2881/5911/6341

    I was as geek as geek marines get.

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