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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 1, 2007

Not a cartoon,until the end, though there are a lot of cartoon clips to fill in if you are interested.A Series that is a documentary about “Tex” Avery.The creator of Droopy Dog, and Country and City Wolf(which I guess is called “little rural riding hood”). Not to mention a general influence on all WB cartoons, and especially the man who made a secondary rabbit character into Bugs Bunny.First.


Can find the other 3 on your own, if you are interested.

But probably my single favorite cartoon short of all time.

Little Rural Riding Hood

Note:  I researched the shit out of this one, and I think it will be my most proud SMC for some time, only cuz I couldn’t find shit on Mel Blanc.

Update:  I don’t see how to embed it, but in the comments Steve_in_hb has a link to another clasic created/inspired by Tex.  VERY fun, I THINK I saw it, but all the wolf redhead flick’s other than “little rural riding hood” blur for me.    Thank you Steve.


3 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cartoon”

  1. […] I just posted my new Sunday Morning Cartoon over at AMA, and one of the video’s I embedded was “Little Rural Riding […]

  2. steve_in_hb said

    One my dad and I have loved forever…doesn’t work in Firefox for me, but works in IE.


  3. Excellent link, I would have linked “red hot riding hood” but I think that these were really test reels.

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