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You do not…

Posted by mesablue on July 2, 2007

Want to get drunk and pass out around these guys.


[livevideo id=8AF4C96FB4FF48BFA968900BCF976181]

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Do u haz a brane relijun?

Posted by mesablue on July 2, 2007

I usually hate this kind of Mensa circle jerk thought game. But, since the right side of the blogosphere contains an interesting mix of atheists, agnostics, religious types and cthulhu worshipers — and since this is the sort of thing that also gets people pissed off at each other — I thought it could be fun.

Ignore the strangely skewed wording of the questions and have at it.

Or not, I really don’t care.

1. Imagine that every person on earth not already an atheist
suddenly became one today. (Take a breath, now. This is just a
gedanken experiment.) What are some of the more significant ways this
would impact your life?

2. Does it matter, and how might it matter, whether most people
adopt a robust, historically and philosophically informed, rationally
arrived-at atheism vice a sudden and perfectly simple lack of

3. Say people ceased believing in the existence of any god by simply
having all their memories of their religious instruction and theistic
beliefs deleted. If they are otherwise of the same nature as they
are now, would belief in a god or gods emerge again?

4. After your emotional ringing (the “holy shit!” factor, your sheer
astonishment at the disappearance of belief) dampened down to neutral
affect, would you have occasion to talk about a god?

5. What do you think some of the political ramifications might be?
(e.g., would governments have to deal with an increase in illicit and
immoral activity? A decrease? Would the government move to the left
or the right? Toward authoritarianism or personal freedom?)

h/t some guy named Tad

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