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Happy Birthday America

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 4, 2007


And Many Many Many More. 

From a couple of Marines,

I love you America.

231 years ago, you made me a middle classed kid who could have but did not attend universtity, 231 years ago, you gave my parents the opportunity to be middle classed citizens, and in the face of the world my family was RICH, and knowing that, my parents could teach me about the good fortune I was born into.   THANK you, for allowing me to make my own choices, no matter how bad, but always in service of you, THANK YOU, because ALWAYS it was My and our choice.

I Love you America because it was MY choice to be who I am, and it was THEIR effort to raise me.

I love them, and I love you.

Thank you America.

I don’t know who I would have been had it not been for you.


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday America”

  1. Stormy70 said

    Amen! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed that I was born American. I won the world lottery. People kill themselves trying to get to our country because it is the light in the darkness.

    I may have had a couple drinks tonight.

  2. I’ll see your “couple” and raise you a “Few.”

  3. I think that was funny. my comment, not the post.

  4. Mesa! You have to read Patty’s howto guide at the hostages and get rid of the friggen avatars, the comments aren’t updating for crap.

  5. Random thing ( almost more than two years later)

    I see that flag I posted.

    She’s beautiful isn’t she?

  6. When I was in, I held her, I respected her, I folded her properly.

    She’s beautiful.

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