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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 11, 2007

[Update by mesablue] This is a must watch video. It’s kinda hard from WP’s rambling and failure to mention what the video is about, but this woman is a hero. She’s putting a little light back in the lives of the families of our fallen soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors. The video will make you tear up a little and make you feel better about the world. Or at least this part of it.

I’m clicking through today, and I run across a vid from Cookie at The Cook Shack (also good for random recipe’s and food related advice, just so you know) of an artist who does something wonderful.  Yes she’s getting some press from this, but I don’t think that is why, you can really feel it in her interviews.

Only burr in my britches, one of the first statments by the artist, I am about to misspell, “kazaya hancock,” is “I don’t know how political I am, I don’t get into all the crap, I just love freedom, ‘Kay?”  Then she goes on to talk about how close she is to each of her subjects.

   Of course, a little later the narator offends the artist and her subjects by saying “kazaya figured out years ago, that an artist could do little to stop a war.”

  Now that might be true, truth is even those who are in favor of the action in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and in all likeliehood every war ever wanted to stop the war, but sometimes it’s a necessity.

  The reason that is a burr in my britches is cuz the narrator took a great story, and ignored the second statement made by the subject of the story and ignored it to subtly insinuate that war should end, and also insinuated that maybe “kazaya”‘s art could do more to end it if this story gets traction.

Note:  Kazaya, I’m sorry for misspelling your name if I did.  I am politicaly minded, but I don’t do much about it, I too love freedom, and I’m sorry If I offended you with this.  You are clearly a good woman, a good person and deserve a reserve NCO rating. 


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I don’t know.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 11, 2007

Via Insty, like I need to include the link.

 Apparently someone is quitting his job as an opinion writer for newspapers because everyone has an opinion.

I’m sorry, I guess he’s on “my side”/conservatish or whatever but let me say this in response.

Big Effing WAHH!

Quick Someone dial whine one one and get him a waaaambulance.

The way I read this article is that he can’t make money by being, basicly, just like everyone else in that he has an opinion?  He is no longer one of the selected voices of opinion, probably the most voluminous property that exists in humanity?

Now I might miss his particular style, but I won’t cuz I recognize the name but I have never said based on the prose “HEY! thats Bruce Bartlett saying that! I better pay attention.” in fact, the only times I have had that reaction to editory and opinion collumns is in the negative, never the positive.  I have said to myself “Oh, thats modo again, ain’t she wrong about the very hip references she’s making” (really I don’t think that broad ever saw the godfather)

But to really make a petulant out the door stomp taking your toys with you and lecturing about the nature of your profession now compared to then?  Thats weak, let me say this Bartlett, you might be on my side, but your toys SUCKED! take them, it won’t clutter my simple green army men and rubber bands anymore.

Also, the smugness of how he will stick with books?  About what?  OH! let me guess about your opinion.

Update:  A Smart guy, Don Surber, had the same thought, and was intelligiblistic in his writing.

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