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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 11, 2007

[Update by mesablue] This is a must watch video. It’s kinda hard from WP’s rambling and failure to mention what the video is about, but this woman is a hero. She’s putting a little light back in the lives of the families of our fallen soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors. The video will make you tear up a little and make you feel better about the world. Or at least this part of it.

I’m clicking through today, and I run across a vid from Cookie at The Cook Shack (also good for random recipe’s and food related advice, just so you know) of an artist who does something wonderful.  Yes she’s getting some press from this, but I don’t think that is why, you can really feel it in her interviews.

Only burr in my britches, one of the first statments by the artist, I am about to misspell, “kazaya hancock,” is “I don’t know how political I am, I don’t get into all the crap, I just love freedom, ‘Kay?”  Then she goes on to talk about how close she is to each of her subjects.

   Of course, a little later the narator offends the artist and her subjects by saying “kazaya figured out years ago, that an artist could do little to stop a war.”

  Now that might be true, truth is even those who are in favor of the action in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and in all likeliehood every war ever wanted to stop the war, but sometimes it’s a necessity.

  The reason that is a burr in my britches is cuz the narrator took a great story, and ignored the second statement made by the subject of the story and ignored it to subtly insinuate that war should end, and also insinuated that maybe “kazaya”‘s art could do more to end it if this story gets traction.

Note:  Kazaya, I’m sorry for misspelling your name if I did.  I am politicaly minded, but I don’t do much about it, I too love freedom, and I’m sorry If I offended you with this.  You are clearly a good woman, a good person and deserve a reserve NCO rating. 


17 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. mesablue said

    That’a an awesome video. And an awesome lady.

    Ooh rah!

  2. A Fucking-Men hoss, the part where she stutters and says “the-these are my buddies.” is worth a mysty moment.

    Sorry about the minimalization of the way I posted it, I know the character I created in wickedpinto, so I actually use minimalism to depict those things I think are significant, I should have drawn more attention to it.

  3. mesablue said

    Yeah, you are just plethora of paradoxizes.

  4. Have you watched it more than once? Almost just to make sure that there is a normal person, and even more rare, “an artiste” who cares, and that your mind isn’t playing tricks on you?

    I’ve clicked my own linked video at least 10 times since I posted it, and twice before I did.

  5. I’m gonna bold your update.

  6. PattyAnn said

    I did watch it the other day, just didn’t comment. She is someone on the list of people I’d love to meet.

  7. lauraw said

    I wanted to watch it, but partway through was having difficulty seeing the monitor.

  8. Yeah, Kinda like how theres a glitch in that Lizzy Palmer Video.

    She keeps going out of focus.

  9. lauraw said


    You owe me a coat of mascara, mofaku.

  10. SWEAT!!! LauraW doesn’t hate me anymore!!!

    You used MY abreviation, Mofaku should be in everyones lexicon.

    Just kidding, I know, I basicaly “punish” myself whenever I’m looking for inspiration, though actually I don’t think it is “punishment” I think it is “remembering.”

  11. And I’m man enough to admit it, I have cried while READING BOOKS!

    Not “boohoo, WAHHHHH!” cry, but tears pouring down my face as I fight my way through the next paragraph, chapter and finaly outcome.

    1632 is good for that, but I don’t think anything beats “fleet action” by William R. Forsshein (a wing commander novel) I spent about 120 pages crying, and I read slowly, like about a page every 1:10. I prefer to EXPERIENCE a novel, rather than read it. Thats why people with “10K books” in their library have only “non-fiction” because you can read those books without becoming a part of it.

    A good fiction author employ’s the reader as an additional character, and if you are a fan, you can’t help but BECOME a part of the story, BillyFor did that in Fleet action.

    Just saying.

    You got a problem?

    98 kilo’s at 180 cm’s might find it’s way to making the destroyer put her oversized foot up your ass!!!

    (not really, I’m just yapping, im’ starting to feel some of the booze)

  12. lauraw said

    Let’s not be hasty.

  13. CURSES!

  14. I just re-viewed, and it still mystifies myself. She’s a sweety, and she is at least as good and strong a woman as any of us wgi served.

    A DAMN good woman.

  15. […] First I give thanks Kazaia, a beautiful woman, who ACTUALLY supports the troops. […]

  16. Douglas said

    Still one of my favorite posts.

  17. mesablue said

    Pretty much doesn’t suck.

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