Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

I don’t know.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 11, 2007

Via Insty, like I need to include the link.

 Apparently someone is quitting his job as an opinion writer for newspapers because everyone has an opinion.

I’m sorry, I guess he’s on “my side”/conservatish or whatever but let me say this in response.

Big Effing WAHH!

Quick Someone dial whine one one and get him a waaaambulance.

The way I read this article is that he can’t make money by being, basicly, just like everyone else in that he has an opinion?  He is no longer one of the selected voices of opinion, probably the most voluminous property that exists in humanity?

Now I might miss his particular style, but I won’t cuz I recognize the name but I have never said based on the prose “HEY! thats Bruce Bartlett saying that! I better pay attention.” in fact, the only times I have had that reaction to editory and opinion collumns is in the negative, never the positive.  I have said to myself “Oh, thats modo again, ain’t she wrong about the very hip references she’s making” (really I don’t think that broad ever saw the godfather)

But to really make a petulant out the door stomp taking your toys with you and lecturing about the nature of your profession now compared to then?  Thats weak, let me say this Bartlett, you might be on my side, but your toys SUCKED! take them, it won’t clutter my simple green army men and rubber bands anymore.

Also, the smugness of how he will stick with books?  About what?  OH! let me guess about your opinion.

Update:  A Smart guy, Don Surber, had the same thought, and was intelligiblistic in his writing.

2 Responses to “I don’t know.”

  1. ChenZhen said

    …probably the most voluminous property that exists in humanity?

    Well, there are people in comas, or in some other vegatative state. Others that are autistic or suffering from some severe mental retardation.

    /just sayin

  2. Those people are probably of the opinion that their situation sucks.

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