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I like susan estrich

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 14, 2007

I HATE HATE HATE her voice, but she isn’t usually a partisan bitch.

but then I see this at HotAir (yes the allah praise is still in effect)

What does it say about a man who’s busy having babies only two years after being diagnosed with lymphoma?

It says he’s human you selfish bitch.

I’m not used to dislikelying susan estrich, oh, she’s a lib, but she isn’t usually a bitch, but that particular attack hits me close.

My brother went a long time single, and finaly found a woman he loved, and he loved her for years, and in those years that he loved her before married, she had a lympoma cancer, and defeated it.  Since then, my brother who is AWESOME and his wife, who I have learned to know some is AWESOME have tried to have children, do they not deserve children, Susy?

Is Susan saying my brother and sister shouldn’t?  Though my sister might have a relapse, my brother doesen’t deserve a child?  Because FRED! had lymphoma, he shouldn’t create life out of the horror of his effort to oppose cancer?

THAT PISSES ME OFF! how blithely susan can toss off the sterility of sick people.   You know what else men are uncomfortable with susan?  The thought that MAYBE if the love of their life is a victim of rape might be incapable of love.

What do you think of that?  In general I like susan, she’s a lib, but she’s rarely stupid, but in this case?  she wasn’t just stupid, she was outright retarded.

Inclusion:  You Susan SUSPECT selfish acts by wanting to share life with wives through children as Fred! has done in both marriages, how about you?

Are you so devoid of emotion because of your rape (it’s on the record) that you can’t understand the desire of normal non-victims propagating themselves through procreation?  Is that an OFFENSE to you?

I will never marry, I will never have children, but I LOVE, thats right susy, LOVE the idea that good people might create more good people, and even if they pass too soon, they might be used an images of humanity, kindness, and thought.

Thats why most of my heroe’s are dead, I didn’t think susan was such a foolish foolish lefty.


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