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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 15, 2007

Apparently this was posted yesterday at IB though there seems to be a lot of protesting about exactly the date of posting, that makes me think “Thou dost” or is it “doth?” whatever it is, still, it doesn’t matter it’s about as cute as you get.  I could gank the vid and post it here, but I rather you visit IB and do it there.


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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 15, 2007

I avoided bugs, and the other big famous guys.  Though I’m running low on early/mid 80’s cartoon references, I did grab a few shorts , like “little rural riding hood” and the schoolhouse rocks gange, but I dodged the big guys, like bugs, and daffy and tom and jerry.

However, after saying that “little rural riding hood” is my favorite short, I have to amend that now. 

I was speaking with my father and I asked him “pops?  Whats your favorite cartoon?” and he said “baseball bugs” right off the bat, I thought he would remember “little rural riding hood” but he didn’t until I mentioned it, and when he remembered it he said “Oh, thats a good one, but I can never forget ‘baseball bugs'” so. . . .

 In honor of my father who reminded me of another GREAT animated short, I give you.


Update:  continuity error, the gashouse gorilla’s are the visitors, but they get the last at bat.  Just say’n.

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