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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 15, 2007

I avoided bugs, and the other big famous guys.  Though I’m running low on early/mid 80’s cartoon references, I did grab a few shorts , like “little rural riding hood” and the schoolhouse rocks gange, but I dodged the big guys, like bugs, and daffy and tom and jerry.

However, after saying that “little rural riding hood” is my favorite short, I have to amend that now. 

I was speaking with my father and I asked him “pops?  Whats your favorite cartoon?” and he said “baseball bugs” right off the bat, I thought he would remember “little rural riding hood” but he didn’t until I mentioned it, and when he remembered it he said “Oh, thats a good one, but I can never forget ‘baseball bugs'” so. . . .

 In honor of my father who reminded me of another GREAT animated short, I give you.


Update:  continuity error, the gashouse gorilla’s are the visitors, but they get the last at bat.  Just say’n.


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cartoon”

  1. cranky said

    That’s wonderful. Everything about that cartoon screams talent — from top to bottom and from side to side nothing but talent.

  2. forged rite said

    I haven’t seen that one in years, it is a good one.

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