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I would kill to see this.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2007

via Tim Blair

The plants are fleeing, and they aren’t even FRENCH!

Attack of the Ents!


7 Responses to “I would kill to see this.”

  1. Joan of Argghh! said

    Best laugh of the morning!

    Cozy little place ya got here, WP.

  2. Stormy70 said

    The Ents are going to war!

  3. It’s not mine Joan. Mesa is my landlord.

  4. lauraw said

    There are American plants and trees that are still slowly making their way back to parts of their former northern range, since the last ice age’s glaciers destroyed them on it’s way down this continent. IIRC, the glaciers receded long time ago. This process by which plants dodge threats is kind of slow.

    They couldn’t outrun a glacier. Be interesting to see if they can outrun ‘global warming’ or even need to.

  5. Why? I don’t know, but just reading this one innocuous ( I actually read the definition, rather than scanning it.) line from a book gave me a giggle.

    He recognized the plant as one of the family Solanaceae—belladonna was still used in medicine—but he couldn’t identify it until he dug up a root and found a tuber.

  6. forged rite said

    You got two guys running this blog and there’s only been one post in the last five days. At least put up some boobs or somethin’.

  7. firestone

    Goodyear Eagle F1

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