Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2007

update:  Mike speaks, and I still can’t say any more than this sad little post says, I’m weak like that.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but I stole this pick from his blog, I think the love is apparent, a beautiful woman is gone, and an OBVIOUSLY loving man has a hole in his heart.



3 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Carin said

    That’s so sad. I was only an occasionally reader of Cold Fury, but I read more regularly a few years back when he introduced his wife and added her to the masthead.

  2. Tell him carin.

    I knew I would show up with this post as I did, and thats all I can say.

    Let him know.

    I know that one of my last comments to his posts was about my fear of motorcycle’s. I can’t recycle that.

    Just like I never challenge mOZ’s love of her motorcycles (crotchrockets that she takes for speed tests) or my cousin (who also passed, he was only 33 as well, or my little league coach’s brother, or anything, Motorcycles frighten me, I like to believe I’m not affraid of my own passing, but I am TERRIFIED of being a part of anothers passing if they join in that pass time, good people should live forever.)

    Send your concerns to Mike at the link Carin.

  3. mozdacious said

    What a gorgeous couple.

    My deepest sympathy to Mike. We lost a close mate in 2002, he was 32. It’s still hard to believe and an emptiness remains, but we have nothing but fond memories of his suave Texan ways and outrageous throttle control.

    I wish Mike all the support and love in this very difficult time. May Christiana rest in beautiful peace, and the love they both shared never leave.

    (I can’t comment as my login isn’t accepted at Cold Fury).

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