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More crackhead!!! 90,000 hits, baby!

Posted by mesablue on July 26, 2007

What a finish! The guy’s got some lungs, that’s for sure.

Just Omazing.

Update: Post bumped to celebrate 40,000 hits. Sing it!

Update of the update: Back where we belong.


Udate-apalooza: 75,000 hits. Woo!

Yee-haw! Almost 100,000!!! — Not too bad for a blog that is only seven months young. Thanks to Wickedpinto for filling in while I have been lazy.


19 Responses to “More crackhead!!! 90,000 hits, baby!”

  1. Not Quite as wholesome as the Sunday Morning Cartoon.

  2. mesablue said

    He gets an A for effort, though.

  3. Frankly said

    You really have to hang in for the whole thing – He lets loose in a big way after a couple of minutes, huh? I think he’s truly blessed.

  4. test

  5. roaf said

    Cool, he sounds like a 45 record played at 33.
    He should be on American Idol.

  6. Michael said

    Just Omazing

    That made me giggle.

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  8. Montego said

    Frickin’ hillarious…! It’s like watching a train wreck…

    Next on his Karaoke kiosk: ‘Omerica the Beautifull’

  9. Muslihoon said

    LOL! That is funny!

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  11. PattyAnn said

    “Thanks to Wickedpinto for filling in while I have been lazy. being laid.”

    Fixed that for you, sweetie.

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  13. mesablue said

    Thanks for looking out for me PattyAnn.

  14. HEY! I get laid!

    I lay all the time, I lay stuff like theres no tomorrow, I lay like a ninja, or something.

  15. Michael said

    Congrats, Mesa. I guess you’re a superstar now. Just don’t forget us little people, who linked you when you were still a nobody (see #7 above).

  16. I think when Michael says “nobody” he actually means “unrepentant blog whore,” but I’m not sure. 🙂

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  18. Funniest Videos In One Place

    Funniest Videos In One Place

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