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Hi, my name is Jorg

Posted by mesablue on July 29, 2007

Watch me dance!

Apparently this is some sort of youtube phenomenon.

And, a fun way to mess with WP’s Sunday Morning Cartoon. Damn, he checked the video before he posted it.

Venezuelan Jorg. Freaky, but he rocks.


Crappy Jorg.

Claymation cool Jorg.

Baby Jorg.

Of course, Thumb Wars!

Oh, and this is the 500th post at AMA. Almost calls for some crackhead!


10 Responses to “Hi, my name is Jorg”

  1. I think I actually did post it, it was up for maybe 20 seconds.

  2. I WAS going to sleep.
    or rather.
    I WERE’s going to sleep.

    Now, I will remain awake suffering an internet nightmare, and lasting paranoia, but it’s all cool, I usually call this, “tuesday.”

    I’m just ahead of the curve this week.

  3. Um, I never looked it up, how do I bump, without completely recreating the post?

    I cant see your code, I’m just author, not admin here.

  4. I’m just wondering cuz SMC should be at the top . . . .well, at least for most of the morning.

  5. mesablue said

    Change the time stamp to something like 0500

  6. Thanks mesa,

    Don’t think I can do that as just an author, but thanks, I can put that to use at the hostages one day.

    When I need to bump something there, is beyond me, but just in case, thanks for that advice.

  7. Don’t you friggen DARE bump foil man, I just actually made a post there!

  8. Crackhead at noon eh?

    Really, I actually put up the SMC during the MORNING, let it have it’s chance, and it’s the ONLY scheduled aspect of this blog.


    Always stealing my thunder, that just ain’t right.

  9. And this is VERY friggen wierd.

  10. […] If you want nightmares, check out Jorg — https://moralauthority.wordpress.com/2007/07/29/hi-my-name-is-jorg/ […]

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