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Sunday Morning Cartooon

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2007

Mesa wanted to see boobies, but no, he’s gonna have to wait for a while, this is still a totaly safe for work SMC.

My brothers favorite cartoon character was Foghorn Leghorn, and he did an impression, so did my mother, my MOTHER!

Of course so did I, and I did like the cartoons, it was so ridiculous, “wel I say I sa-sa-sa-sa… I SAY BOY!”

BRILLIANT voicing, absolutely brilliant chickenhawk fight.  Chickenhawks are impressive.

And sometimes, If I weren’t attentive, I would think that Mesa were messing with me   🙂


9 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cartooon”

  1. mesablue said

    Oh, I were.

  2. Oh, I were.


    That was proper english on my part! though it does seem odd.

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  4. mOZdacious said

    Foghorn is classic! now there’s .. I say, there’s a strange means of locomotion.

    haha Shnook! What does that mean? It sounds as applicable as smeg.

  5. Like I said, foghorn is my bro’s favorite, we both got into trouble, I can’t remember if it was a six flags, or at disney world, for being sorta foghorn stalkers, me in particular at my brothers instigation.

  6. Joe said

    Sounds like WP doesn’t like Foghorn, the pedantic Pri**.
    Foghorn was a great cartoon, The characters were developed perfectly, the egghead, Musky the weasel(the best), the old Hen, The chickenhawk, his smooth cousin from the city. I liked them all.
    Foghorn is like one of your friends uncles, full of advice that they know nothing about, and “good ideas” that should get you into trouble but always backfire getting them into trouble.

    Wp, I did not do any impressions of foghorn, but we did yell,
    “By the power of grey skull…SHOCKED THE HELL OUT OF ME”

  7. No, I loved foghorn, it’s just that my bro was a bigger fan. I was more a fan of the bugs shorts, and the country and city wolf shorts.

    My brother would incite me into doing stupid shit, pretty much all my life, and I would go along with it, cuz thats what little brothers do, so there is a SMALL bit of resentment, but not much, and none was foghorns fault.

  8. wickedpinto said

    I THINK!

    “Schnook” is a combination of laguages. basicaly, it means “shitty moron.” or “stupid idiot” It’s a non-language/combined language insult. “schmuch” whic is from te JOOO’s and general national oposition. It MIGHT be an americanized version of “schmuck” but I like complexity.

  9. nice article. thanks \o/

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