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Iraq Progress

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 1, 2007

I’m half assing it right now, haven’t been sleeping well so I been holding off so I don’t bombard you guys with crazy.

So I found this brief analysis at Powerline and something unrelated jumped into my head.

I’m from the US so I don’t keep up with Iraqi news, that and I don’t speak or read arabic, hell I’m barely functional in English, but based on US coverage there is something that I notice is missing from the coverage of Iraq, and that something is Iraqi military heroes/icons.  Instead we are bombarded with only the names of Iraqi politico’s who are constantly bashed by the press.

If we were inundated with stories of mahmoud farouq a resident of diyala wining the crimson crescent or whatever the hell kinda awards Iraqi’s hand out, we and they might be more optimistic.  If we knew that there are brave and heroic acts performed by Iraqi’s and those Iraqi’s were given names, and the story repeated, it would be impossible to say that Iraq is doomed, because we, and the Iraqi’s themselves could have a symbol to which they could live up to.

Then again, we never see the names of our heroic actors on the pages of our newspapers, even though there has been at least (I’m pretty sure, gotta check mudville) Medal of Honor winner in this war, but that would destroy the narrative.


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