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Posted by Wickedpinto on August 2, 2007

I hate CNN.

Of course a bride will fall, thats what GRAVITY does.  We build bridges to OFFSET the power of gravity, but they need to occassionaly maintained, destroyed and rebuilt, so that we can continue to oppose gravity.


But a bridge collapse in mineapolis is a looming deathtoll for all Americans because of our arrogant acceptance of science, or some crap according to CNN.

these people should be set on fire, next to the burning wrecks of hellicopters, that ONE truck they keep showing and any other catastrophe they gleefuly take part ine.


Do pilots think they can fly without their planes?


If the news media is so interested in “the news” why don’t they talk to engineers, or some such rather than berating a friggen fireman with their questions?  

“The news” pisses me off almost more than anything else, except for the swiss.  I really hate the swiss.



  1. Pigilito said

    What did the Swiss ever do to you or yours? I’m guessing you didn’t celebrate Switzerland’s national day yesterday.

  2. damewiggy said

    I lost it on the swiss thing. Funny stuff.

  3. Pig it’s a joke based on a video I posted a few weeks ago.

  4. Robert said

    and Fire doesn’t melt steel! LOL

  5. cranky said

    Disaster Porn is what it is Wicked. When FoxNews sends its Queen of Disaster Porn, Shepard Smith, to Minneapolis you just know that it will be 24/7 of disaster without any substance. I’m slamming Fox but it is the only news channel I’ll watch anymore — the others are equally bad or even worse.

    Shepard is real good at slamming the first responders — review his performance on Katrina. He’s an asshole of the first order.

  6. They won’t interview engineers because for some reason it is much more interesting to interview the guy with the tank top on. Maybe he has something insightful to say. Hey, what do engineers know? I’ll take the woman in curlers or the guy in a tank top any day over some stuffy old engineer.

    Although, I have an aside. Are the 9/11 “truthers” gonna start telling us that steel can’t break and the eeevvviillllll BushCo. must have blown up this bridge?

  7. Yeah John, a slide rule isn’t as hot as a pair of suspenders.

  8. michael said

    I hear you.

    My wife has a theory, that the big network news outlets (CNN, Fox, etc) are only reporting what they are allowed to report.

    I’ve never seen anything to go against that.

  9. The good lady michael is that cynical?

    I never would have guessed, no really, she says she likes the wicked, so maybe the news is THAT EFFED up, or her opinon is skewed.

    I like the good lady michael so I guess in my opinoin the news is that effed up.

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