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Oh, by the way — vacation edition

Posted by mesablue on August 12, 2007

I’m on vacation this week in Mrytle Beach and Charleston SC so blogging will be even lighter than usual.

I’m looking at the ocean as I type this — doesn’t suck.

Anyway, just got off the phone with my dad who wanted the address for this blog. It’s only taken most of a year to get him to visit, but hey, who am I to complain. I had to explain what a Wickedpinto was so he didn’t think his first born had, ahem — changed.

So, while the rest of you toil away, I’ll be drinking foo foo frozen drinks on the beach. Ogling girls that are way too young for me. And not thinking about any of you at all.

Not even a little bit.


16 Responses to “Oh, by the way — vacation edition”

  1. cranky said


  2. Good on you chief.

  3. nicedeb said

    We won’t be thinking about you,either.

  4. damewiggy said

    May a jellyfish finds its way into your arrogant little short pants, smart ass!

    Other than that, have fun!

  5. “I’m on vacation this week in Mrytle Beach and Charleston SC so blogging will be even lighter than usual.”

    Have fun, both are great places.

  6. mesablue said

    First time for me in both places. Kind of nice to be in a red state for a change. People actually love their country here. And have no qualms about it. Quite different from what I am used to.

    And, it is absolutely gorgeous here.

    The meteor shower is very visible here and just spent an hour on the beach watching it.

    Ah, vacation mode. Almost forgot what that is like.

  7. mesablue said

    And Cranky, tell me something I don’t already know…

  8. Couldn’t see shit of the perseid’s. too much light pollution here.

  9. well, and polution in general.

  10. DarkWolf said

    Did Ace pull your post from his site or did you?

  11. Oh, he did. With good reason.

    Not my place to throw up crap like that on the big blog — especially after having a few vacation cocktails.

    But, at least someone saw my fun at the beach for a few seconds… 😉

  12. mesablue said

    The Nepalese?

    Who the heck are the Nepalese? Well, other than a country filled with sherpas?

    I commmented as the people of Nepal about a year ago and IE decides to remember that tonight?

    Oh well. Yeah, it was a stupid post and I shouldn’t have done it. It would almost be too stupid for The Hostages — nuff said.

  13. cranky said

    Couldn’t see the meteor showers here either. Damn clouds. Enjoy your vacation!

  14. S. Weasel said

    No luck with the meteor showers here, either. Too much vodka.


  15. It was clear enough in Texas for me to get a good look… saw about a dozen or so over an hour. One was huge.

  16. PattyAnn said

    Oh. I didn’t know you were gone.

    “almost be too stupid for The Hostages”
    Like that would ever be true!

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