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Karl Rove

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 14, 2007

First off, I don’t have video, though I wish I did, I don’t have major news transcripts though I wish I had, though I SAW a quote by John Edwards, and I find it disgusting.

John Edwards says “goodby and good riddance” cuz thats good for his base, but ROVE is responsible for divisiveness?

You know what, I dislike diviciveness more than any lefty, because I ‘m not selective.  ROVE’s campaign plan was NOT based on division, or on bashing, the McCain “bash” was a third party who was NOT acting on the orders of the president, in fact, BUSH himself contacted McCain during the NC bash and apologized and said neither he nor his people had anything to do with it.  It WAS linked to bobby jones university, but mccain and bush BOTH spoke there, so was McCain responsible for his own bashing?  I don’t know, I don’t care,   that sort of smear isn’t worth acknowledgement.

But For Politicians who oppose “divisive” politics to say “good bye and good riddance.” that makes me think, you are completely lacking any form of grace.

How about Obama?

  1. “Karl Rove was an architect of a political strategy that has left the country more divided, the special interests more powerful, and the American people more shut out from their government than any time in memory.  But to build a new kind of politics, it will take more than the departure of a man or even an Administration that constructed the old -it will take a movement of everyday Americans committed to changing Washington and reclaiming their government.”

Barrak? the guy who had a cakewalk election after a CORRUPT liberal judge released Jack Ryan’s divorce records?  All the time, in the judgement the judge HIMSELF say’s that he is acting counter to the well being of the child, and releasing “perhaps” inflamatory DEPOSITION testamony between Jerry and Jack?

Barrack cake walked because ONE judge violated the discretion of being a judge.

As an aside let me say this.  Jack was destroyed because he wanted to fuck jeri.  I don’t know about gay men, but I think I can speak for most if not all heterosexual men on the planet, there would be a SERIOUS issue if Jack DIDN’T WANT TO FUCK JERI AT ALL TIMES.

I made this joke about Beyonce’ knowles some time ago about her song that had the line “wouldn’t mind putting that on me” and my response was “wouldn’t mind?  WOULDN’T MIND!!!  I’d HAVE A PROBLEM TAKING IT OFF!!!”

Barrack a guy who was easily elected thanks to DIRTY judicial politics, has NO Moral Authority, and he’s completely inexperienced.  “everything I supported in the illinois legislature passed!” is his background.. . . .Well people?  the illinios legislature is an oligarchy of Democrat’s, who’d’a’thunk that a dem would support passing legislation?

He’s only been on the national stage for 2 3/4 a year, and he’s accomplished nothing as a senator.

Good on you, if you elect Obama? he will be THE MOST INNEXPERIENCED NATIONAL POLITICIAN since WASHINGTON!!  FACT.

But Rove, is some sort of evil empirial mastermind.

Obama and clinton are the false legacy’s, noone in the ‘pub side has that lie.

I can’t put this in a category, I don’t want it to ever be read again.


4 Responses to “Karl Rove”

  1. Robert said

    Wow tell us what you really think and this time don’t hold back! 🙂

  2. I don’t know why, all my editing fell to hell, It wasn’t supposed to look like that.

    It’s really not a bad post I think, but it LOOKS a lot more crazy than it actually is.

  3. mesablue said

    Page breaks will fix that, grasshopper.

  4. “Barrak? the guy who had a cakewalk election after a CORRUPT liberal judge released Jack Ryan’s divorce records?”

    This kind of stuff almost makes me wish Harold Ford had won in Tennessee and taken some of the bloom off Barrack’s “first black person in the Senate since reconstruction” rose. At least Ford was sane and could articulate actual positions on serious issues.

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