Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

Got Nothing,

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 15, 2007

but I just figured I’d put something up while Mesa’s still touring with the rest of his boyband, and he might take some time after to enjoy the success of his new video.


6 Responses to “Got Nothing,”

  1. Metzger said

    Having nothing to do with this post, but, in a effort at verification:

    Posted by Wickedpinto at AoSHQ : “Oh, and one of my personal favorite of all time sci-fi books can be easily translated into film I think. “War Birds.” Even has a crazy german speaking badguy at the end, as well as brilliant german good guy (kinda german in both cases, but still.)”

    Is this the book? The War Birds by R.M. Meluch
    review from amazon user : Brilliant, introspective novel from the perspective of a frequently-grounded pilot. Two planets from a double-planet system go to war and achieve a peace of Versailles. Unfortunately, the aggressor in the next war is not a party to the agreement. The narrator, a vanquished pilot living among the victors, must come to terms with his own identity as well as the results of the last war, while fighting the next one.

    Nordveldt is as fascinating a character as any in recent English literature, not just the science fiction genre. As with any setting in any great novel, the science fiction aspect is just a plot device; the interesting part is the people, whom Meluch develops wonderfully. (And, for what it’s worth, the setting is done extremely well.)


  2. Yeahp Metzger,

    One of the dual planetary moonlets is populated by pure democrats, and the other by a “constitutional dictatorship,” You see clear US vs German conceptual tools.

    The protagonist/narrator of the story was a not well off Ace of the previous war between those to governments, and for him to have any modicum of freedom had to live within the control of his former enemy’s. He chose the path of a teacher, was roomed up with “the best” pilot in the insoucient US type planet, and was being held down by force of blackmail.

    There is a direct personal challenge, the “oh shit” moment I call it, in most books there is almost always an “oh shit” moment where the protagonist is about suffer some BS civvy punishment only for a third party to intervene.

    Most of the book actually takes place on another planet or in the retrospective “expositive” I think is the word, and at the end, the protagonist realizes that part of the reason HIS way of life failed was because of the failings of someone he counted as friend.

    It’s an EXCELLENT book,

    Have you read it? I think it’s only 230 pages, but it’s 230 AWESOME pages, and as I said in that thread, gyno-friendly.

  3. Also, R.M. Mulloch, did the BEST job ever, she even outdid yeager, in the depiction of the freedom of flight, either in atmosphere or space, she painted the blackness of space in the mind of the person who experienced it in a way that makes you yearn for the stars, and for action more than anyone else I ever read.

    That was an AWESEOME AWESOME book in my opinion.

    And I think Mesa is the guy in the pink shorts.

  4. Another thing, I don’t think I mentioned this in that thread Metzger. One of my first gaming/mud monikers was “sturmschwalbe.”

  5. mesablue said

    Awesome video. The next one is going to be filmed in a hot tub filled with Mazola oil.

  6. PattyAnn said

    They have mazola oil where you’re vacationing?

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