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Mark Levin

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 15, 2007

On Markes show at the 5:55 minute accepted a caller who said, that the only reason Bush gets cheers is because a “boo” would be a field grade article 15.

And, in support of Mark, THAT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!


Oh, you would have your ass handed to you but field grade?  BULLSHIT!

mucking ruts, and weeding fields or painting rocks, but not anything that goes on your record.


something that people who serve for their own opposition perposes, and for people who never served.  The President of The United States of America, is your Commander in Chief.  Disrespect is a crime, thats true, but nameless ignorant views of policy are not.  You can dissagree with The Commander in Chief of The United States Armed Forces all you please, but you WILL obey him.  

 I don’t see any reservists who “speak out” or any recently retired officers who “speak out” being prosecuted, though they can be under this President.

I hate these guys.

True Story:

While I was going through my first MOS school, I was staring into a microscope while my instructers were talking politics, I only had one active duty instructor at a time for purposes of discipline, my real instructors were civvie’s who USED to be service. Anyways GySgt Gary (that was his last name) started talking about how great clinton was, and, well, I’m trying to concentrate on fixing something that required 40X mag, and I was irritated so I scoffed.

BAD Idea, “you got a problem with The President PFC (pinto)”

I snapped to, after carfuling stowing my soldering iron (“This is YOUR rifle” (yes they said that) ) into it’s holder, I pushed my chair back, I stood at attention and I said “He is the commander and chief and I will obey eagerly every order Gunnery Sgt!!!!”

that gunny laughed, as did the civvies, “thats the perfect answer, PFC, where you hear it?”

“I will get into enough trouble on my own, don’t need to add politics to it.”  (how fucking right I was)

“You got a genius here Hatfill!!”

He continued, “no, honestly, why do you disagree with clinton?”

“you know I can’t answer that.”


“so far he has been wrong, but just wrong enough to be forgiven, and everything he’s don’t completely wrong he blames on politics, and everything right he’s done, he’s done for the wrong reason.  He’s more KGB than he is DoD, and WE are his job, not them.”

The words might be different, but thats the gist.


10 Responses to “Mark Levin”

  1. Good to see you sporting the I support Fred widget too.

  2. I support fred, but the widget was because of Mesa. Nice to see we are on the same wavelength even though we have never discussed it.

  3. Though I’m starting to like Romney a bit.

  4. mesablue said

    Nice to see you are teasing the Levin nutbags again. He’s like Ron Paul Lite.

    I get a kick out of him, but he’s all schtick. There’s no “there” there.

  5. mesablue said

    Oh, and did you see that we’re just about to hit 100,000?

    Gonna need multiple crackheads for that.

  6. nicedeb said

    You two leave Levin alone!

  7. I was actually supporting levin in this one, though tepidly.

  8. PattyAnn said

    I like Levin, too. Especially the way he cuts anyone off who disagrees with him. I want a switch like that in real life. Oh, wait a minute–I have already have one.

  9. Carl Hungus said

    I never met anybody who supported Clinton in the military. Not one. It would have been like you admitted you liked sucking cock or getting fucked by water buffalo. I guess there may have been one or two, but they kept their retarded mouth shut.

  10. That Gny was the only one I ran into, and this was in ’95, so it was early on.

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