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Military Suicides

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 16, 2007

I guess theres an uptick and a bunch of concern. (via insty)

Now, it’s a shame, a DAMN shame that some people, (not always kids) attempt or succeed in killing themselves (as in actually killing themselves not the sort of “cultural suicide” America is inflicting on it’s obese children,)  It’s a shame, and even more of a shame that they didn’t have friends or family who could spot it, or that the people who manage to kill themselves were so resolute that they hid their intentions even from people close to them, but it happens.

The percentile of suicides in the service, is basicaly the same as civilians of a particular age (I think gateway had the stats during the first rage of this argument in 2003 or something) maybe slightly higher.  The fact that people who wear a uniform commit suicide approximately equal to the national averages of individuals of an equal age doesn’t mean that they are unhinged crazy’s who are willing to willy nilly slaughter innocents and spread pain.

 It’s a shame, and in fact, the rates should be lower among the military because you are living so close to the people you serve with, but it’s just one of those things that happen, and while it sucks, it’s not an indictment on the military.  Considering that a number of years ago, I saw a thing that said that individuals who worked in the psychological/psychiatric proffessions have a higher rate of suicide, and suicide attempts than even cops and fireman.

Maybe psych proffessionals are unhinged crazy’s willing to willy nilly slaughter innocents.   I don’t think that, but maybe the people reporting this should consider it in such a way, you know, just for consistancy.

Also in 1998 I personaly knew 2% of the people who committed suicide in the US Military, and I think he was probably 12 or so percent of the suicides in the Marine Corps.  His fiance’ dumped him, and his mother died, and the planning was rather elaborate.  I didn’t like him, but maybe if I had, I might have seen something, and kept it from happening.  Thats the shame of these events, that most of the time, nobody cares about them, and those that did, are now gone.

2 Responses to “Military Suicides”

  1. Carl Hungus said

    Eh, it’s a tough world, some people don’t belong there. We need to work on getting rid of those guys before it’s an issue. It’s better for them and better for the military.

  2. Hungus? I have a cock. and you can suck it.

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