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A cold day in hell…

Posted by mesablue on August 18, 2007

The Cubs are in first place, baby!!!

Central W L PCT GB E# L10 STRK

Chicago 62 59 .512 – – 4-6 W2
Milwaukee 62 60 .508 0.5 41 2-8 L5
St. Louis 58 61 .487 3.0 40 7-3 L1
Houston 55 67 .451 7.5 34 6-4 W1
Cincinnati 53 68 .438 9.0 33 6-4 W1
Pittsburgh 50 70 .417 11.5 31 5-5 L1

They have all of the pieces in place to win the division, it’ll be interesting to see how they screw it up this time.


4 Responses to “A cold day in hell…”

  1. They’be been on a tear, but this record really isn’t anything to boast about, it still works out to being a rather week win loss season, but since my sox are. . . whats the phrase?

    “Playing botton to john edwards” sounds about right,

    It’ll be nice to see the city excited for 5 post season games.

  2. mesablue said


    I’m not going to get too excited. As a Cub fan, a division win is just a set up for disappointment.

    We need a repeat of Boston down 3-0 with all odds against them before I’ll have hope.

    Lee Smith — google it.

  3. tsos20 said

    The Cubs need to hang in until Soriano gets back. The Brewers are folding. I don’t want Bud Selig’s team in the playoffs. See my posts, ” Soriano comes up lame” and “Bud Selig”.
    The Sultan on Sports


  4. eddiebear said


    No comment

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